Making Jotun something else

That’s kind of how I feel about Jotun too. Its an Incinerator that is less scary to face.

I’m not really feeling the Narwhal either. Yes. The reload is good, but its kind of a pea shooter and the reload will probably be nerfed after a while.

The Scadi though. That’s a gun I can get into. Use 1-2 with saws as a damage booster, or Maybe use 3 in Levi wars as a range Scadi build to hose down enemy Levis with ice. Which is best? I don’t know. But I want some.

Yeah, I feel that too about the narwhal in general, I think I would have preferred it as a fixed angle big boom Tsunami, rather than the fancy Elephant it seems to be

Indeed. I had the Jotun confused with the cryo thrower and combined the perks.

Im picturing a build with an incy to make a puddle then spray around the puddle with the cryo thrower.

I was trying to talk to the original poster. I know you never said that, and I’m glad you understand the distinction between these two weapons.

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Its not a team game. Its a kill the enemy MVP before they kill your team type of game. Its a zoom around and instakill people with dogs, gravastars, or fortunes type of game. Its a walk around and shred everybody in one heatcycle with a Cyclone type game. The only teamplay is having some guy using a doppler and verifier but beyond that the meta is self sufficient builds that can always hold their own.

they classify it as a “cryogenic howitzer” so… is being a mortar the same thing as a howitzer? the only howitzer i know of is the mandrake and i always thought it used bullets but it uses mortars. shouldnt they classify it as a mortar cannon then? idk lol im just thinking its a bit odd to have it as a howitzer :crazy_face:

Yup, thats what I meant in the comment Lexi replied to. There are team based mechanics in the game, but everyone simply ignores them, so you either have to be self sufficient, or you’ll be last on the scoreboard. The only mode where there is team play is CW, and even then it entirely depends on your clanmates.

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The mandrake really isn’t a true howitzer, it’s more of a mortar. The range is for a mortar, the projectile height is for a mortar, The incendiary nature is a bit more mortar-ish, if it were really a howitzer, it’d have MUCH longer range (I’m talking all the way across the adventure map sort of range here) and the shells would go way higher. Some modern howitzers can fire up to 20 kilometers (with the right ammunition), and the mandrake has trouble reaching about 300 meters.
It’s a big a** mortar, not a howitzer.

In the game, the range of weapons has been generally scaled back

So shouldn’t the mortar have shotgun range?

Consider the gameplay here, otherwise all of these weapons are shotgun ranges compared to Scorpion