Making the game slower?

If I wanted to play World of Tanks… I would just play World of Tanks.

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Then whats stopping you other then arguments?

Did you even watch the live stream?

Yea i did. And i saw no issues but im sure yall can ore hungry bums probably fainted. Because yall tainted crossout with that bad behavior long enough.

What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with the topic or me. Please stay on topic

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I have to agree with Monkey here…
Growing up playing the great car fighting games, like Twisted Metal, Carmageddon and the likes, the fast paced action was the thrill.
Crossout, for all it’s awesome building features and the fantastic post apocalypse vibe, DOES feel like driving a bicycle through deep mud… Or running in a dream. It’s a slow drag.

Yeah, and they plan to make it even slower. :frowning:

I don’t even really play many fast cars. But I would hate to see them even slower.

I agree with you RoughMonkey,

For as long as i can remember, people on light cars with boosters just explode themselves all the time, (nice game mechanic Targem Games).
And now in the last months most of the fast cabins have had their max speed reduced by 10-15%.
hello to world of crossouttanks :yawning_face: