Man, WTF?

I’m starting to get aggravated by the nerve of some people.
I don’t believe there are still people wanting to have the rooster full of humans.
give me bots.
I mean just read this conversation.
The end was 3 vs 3 kind of, because of this potato, of this snowflake.
I mean everyone screws up, i screw up but this is basic.

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Eesh. I’d still rather play vs toxic players than bots.

Ill send a hate message every now and again. Never for anything as trivial as that guy. I get annoyed when a teammate keeps bumping in to me, and then stops me from winning because the derp drone build blocks my exit while I’m fighting a firedog and gets me killed, when I would have won. That kind of thing.

Toxic players or Bots, two sides to the same rusted coin IMO, since both make enjoying the game difficult.

Allow players to Blacklist as many Toxic players as possible in order to limit exposure to them since reporting them does Nothing.

And if Base Capture isn’t a winning move, then the Bases should be removed from the game OR make a strictly Annihilation To Win mode.

This is why I turn chat off. Rarely does anyone say anything clever, useful, or funny in chat. I’ve limited my exposure to people in online gaming. I’ve come to one conclusion: Ignorance is bliss! Play the game and have fun. I feel pity for anyone too caught up in what other people are doing in game to enjoy it. This R2rr guy is just another selfish example. Ignore it. Blacklist them and move on.