Mandrake fire puddle bug?

Has anyone else noticed mandrake fire puddles not appearing on some maps? Might be all maps, but I’m pretty sure I’m still seeing it sometimes.

Have not noticed.

I’ll have to dust these things off for a few games later.

Yup… It was mentioned somewhere else, but I can’t remember. Hopefully they’ll fix it… this is the type of thing they are good at fixing. Did you report it in game?

There was a thread this was mentioned in.

It was about the damage puddle not lining up with the graphics.

Are you not seeing the puddles at all or are you what looks like outside the puddle and still taking damage?

I’m seeing not puddle at all sometimes, and I’m not even sure the flame damage is happening in those cases.
I haven’t been playing mandrakes myself, but noticed it a few times lately.
Haven’t submitted a bug report, as I wasn’t exactly sure what I was seeing, and didn’t take note of enough details.


hey there its not just mandrake fire puddles but also incinerator puddles to. i was in a raid and someone was throwing incinerators and when they hit something the car would heat up but there would be no visible puddle. i also had some porcs go invisible on me and explode under my build killing me (my own porcs btw). so yeah i have noticed that to.

in my case im not seeing the puddles at all. i see the incinerator shot hit then nothing. the enemies will heat up but the puddle doesnt appear at all.

i can verify its happening to. so you got me to back ya up on that.


Glad I’m not hallucinating!

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Nope the devs fix one thing and another thing breaks :rofl:

Looks like this bug is fixed with the new update.