Mandrakes and Heather everywhere... Good or bad?

I’ll be honest, I bought a pair of mandrakes, started crafting a Heather… Everywhere in PvP, I see drakes and heathers…
And they’re so bad lol. I’m not talking about the players, but the weapons. They just don’t perform. Nailing someone straight on the head with drakes does way too little damage, nailing someone on the head with Heather doesn’t happen. I’ve been grazed once in a solid 50+ PvP games, with 1 or 2 heather in each team everytime. The weapons are flimsy af, extremely heavy, slow to reload, 7 energy…

So far I played a bunch of drakes, had some pretty good games with those too, even in CW. My opinion is that drakes are really bad, and Heather useless garbage. Anything a drake does when the stars align (in many ways) can be done by spamming porcs, forts or Retchers for 5s while texting with your free hand, or with Incinerators in 2 seconds if you’re good with that crap. All these weapons can do tons of other things like area denial and direct combat, and they all beat arty at being arty.
RN I feel like one of those hurricane buggy guys who score 120 pts and drag every game by being useless and running around 1v5 for 2 mins.

Oh, and the aiming system is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. It’s mostly guess work most of the time with how sensible it is, and the crappy recoil and traverse rate of drakes. And the minimum range thing… I understand the idea, but as soon as you’re on a slope oriented the wrong way, you literally can’t fight lol


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Agree, both of these weapons seem cool in the garage but in real game PvP and PvE they are both lacking.

I own 2 fused Drakes, since horizontal builds got nerfed I don’t really use them. Every once in awhile I’ll pull them out to remind myself why I don’t play them.

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Hurricanes and Mandrakes share both that your team hates you more than your enemies. Same for the last droner who drives around the map for 2 minutes instead of exploding like a man. But yes - there is a bunch of weapons I consider “raid weapons” in that they exist for Bots to use in Raids. Not for players.
I think Mandrake could theoretically work if you could aim for specific team mates e.g. - because it is useless at the distance you can see your target is but you obviously cant use it otherwise.
If it was possible to give “aerial support” from huge distance it would be interesting at least.

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Lots of people have suggested an indicator on the minimap, showing the circle where your shells would land. That’d definitely make it way easier to use it as arty rather than having to expose your flimsy guns because you can’t aim without a line of sight with Targem’s system :skull:

But honestly, some maps are just gigantic, and by the time your shells land, people who are worth wasting ammo on will be out of the way. You can try to lead or whatever, any good player who isn’t in a 60kmh heavy build which was standing still can and will gtfo of your volley

I do like the sound and effect of them going off on the battlefield though :wink: even though they do miss most the time.


I saw one player absolutely massacre a team with Heathers yesterday. They were running them on separate triggers, and landing at least 50% of their shots, doing ridiculous damage.
I think that people who played a lot of mandrakes and incinerators will do very well with Heathers. The damage is just obscene.


I don’t like the aiming system for Mandrakes. I wish it was more like the Mortars from Battlefield 4.

What if there was an epic module that allowed players to aim Artillery fire using the map? The module would also need to have a 10 second delay at the start of the game to prevent people from spawn sniping.

That would be a little harsh most of my dailies (non-pvp) only last like 1m.

How about 5 seconds then? It would be abused if there was no delay.

The fastest matches I tend to get are about 46 seconds. 5 seconds might work but it would still be a pain to aim.

This idea will only backfire and make almost everyone quit. The game’s grind is long enough already,

How about the game will still allow a player to use the standard aiming system. So they can still fire upon a charging firedog or a hover that is peaking around cover.

It would be interesting to try to do a hold (charge button) for distance with standard aiming. Similar to the Parsers aiming system but for longer distances.

I was thinking that the module could allow the player to press one of the weapon bindings to activate the map targeting system.

I had suggested that once for drones in the old forum once but having to hit tab then clicking on the map to get them to go to a location just seemed like a pain. I would think it would be kind of the same if you were trying to do it will heavy artillery’s even though it sounds really good reading it.

That would just kill any of the skill required in using artillery weapons. Opening a map and clicking a spot to nuke isn’t fun gameplay.

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I don’t know about you, but I would love to see that annoying Scorp hover getting eviscerated by artillery.

That being said, it would probably screw over slower builds more than it would Dogs and Hovers. The Devs would have to make some Counter play options like buffing Barrier X to keep things from getting out of hand.

I love when I nail them with arty to but when that’s the result of clicking on a map? That’d be so lackluster that it wouldn’t be fun at all. And that’s before those spam firing and sitting in a map screen are considered.

Well, to be honest. Most of the times you started to use weapon or movement part and couldn’t make them work, you called them garbage, so nothing new here. Maybe in a few weeks when you mastered them you call them OP A F :joy:

I already see some guys clean up with Heathers. In three weeks advanced BP players will have them unlocked and a week later the basic BP users will unlock them. At that point I think we’ll see more players using them, and the guys that picked them up early should be getting better with them at that point. And I figure a month after that you’ll see lots of people doing well with them because they will have gotten used to playing them.

All in due time Imo. All in due time.


heather is the new incinerator…just saying… :crazy_face:

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