Manitou new cabin

How are you all feeling about the new cabin? I like the horn and the looks of it so much, but sadly I find the perk to be very bad on revolvers. It’s very clunky to use, and you can’t really empty your guns fully if you want to use it repeatedly. I find that investing all in reloading speed or anything else really works way better than any supposed damage boost you could theoretically get with this. Not to mention there really is not that many revolvers to begin with.

Using it feels more like a debuff to usual revolver performance rather than any kind of a boost. Even on the gun it is paired with, Nagula or whatever, just simply making them reload faster made them feel way more effective than trying to fiddle around with this forced reload and possible damage boost with it perk.

Corvos felt weaker with it, spamming all 6 shots and reloading as fast as possible followed by spamming all 6 shots again felt more reliable and like it did more damage simply out of pure dps alone, not to mention the gun is lightyears way more user friendly used like that than trying to get the damage boost multiple times a battle with the Manitou

It’s kind of like if Harpy’s perk was something like:

“If activated when ammo reserves are at any 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on)” consumes 4 ammo and the next 4 shots on any grenade launcher have 20% more explosion radius"

The perk should be always available for 1, its far too weak to be time gated and I dont want to see it get a damage or reload buff.
2, I think it ought to hide you from radar when reloading.

I think I figured it out.

IDK if it’s that great for the Nag, but with the Emily, I find I’m always wanting to top off my cylinders with a full load before I circle back around to lay into a target, because often I have an odd or impartial load…that’s when I hit the reload perk. Otherwise, I’m often engaging an enemy with 2 shots in one gun and 5 in the other, or some other inconvenient combo.

The solution used to be to just fire all the remaining rounds, let the default reload protocol take over, then engage the enemy with fresh cylinders. This cab fixes the helloutta that situation…for the Emily.

The Corvo might do well in this manner too, but it’s having hit-box issues, so the hit and run play-style I’m using with the Emily might be too kinetic for those at the moment. IDK. Also, they have that “Silver Bullet” perk that would sort of clash with this cab’s perk, if you used it the way I am with the Emily.

The Emily seems like the ideal fit for this cab, and I did notice the price on them went up considerably just recently, so others have caught on too, probably.

I’m glad I had work pieces for the Emily. I crafted two hella cheap, and fortunately had bought the other two off the market a couple days ago for about half of what they are going for currently. I got hooked on the GL-55s, and needed more cowbell, so I thought I’d give the Emily a try again (it’s been a while). I’m hoping for a fusion opportunity (now I have four).

Now I really like this cab.

I hope I can figure out the Nag too, and I suspect it’ll take some practice, but I’m not convinced this is the cab for those…IDK. It is the cab for the Emily, though.

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Useless cabin. I would rather have a permanent reload buff than a situational reload with a slight damage bump. You’re usually better off firing the remaining shot and the only time it makes sense to use is if there’s no targets in sight. It should’ve functioned like the echo perk and for the duration gave reload/dmg increase.

I’m kind of happy that people aren’t loving the cab and gun, as that means I’ll be able to get them cheap on the market and won’t be tempted to buy the pack.

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Good idea, me thinks. I bought a second one off the market myself (seemed cheap for a pack exclusive). I’ll be hanging on to this cab, and I’ll want to fuse it at some point. It’s too damn pretty, for one.

The other thing is, I really got hooked on the grenade launchers since the helicopters came out (IDK why), and I always liked the Emily, but it used to suck. They buffed the hell out of it since the last time I picked one up. It actually works now…I might fuse some of those too.

Anyway, I like the cab’s perk for the Emily, as I like having the reload button for those much better than emptying the chambers manually. Seems like a must have cab for kids who like the Emily. Plus, it gives them a nice bump…seems a little niche, though. I’m that niche, I guess.

I don’t care that the other kids don’t like it either. They’d just break it anyway, and I’d hate to see it nerfed. As it is, a nerf seems far fetched. Any nerf would break this cab, probably.

If kids complain about it enough maybe they’ll buff it. :wink: :+1:

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Just test drove an exhibition build, and this cabin perk is really weird.
I didn’t realize that triggering the perk would trigger a reload, even if all your chambers are full.
I guess it’s more about the damage boost than the reload boost? Seems like the best way to use it would be to trigger it before you even approach your enemy, so you can unload a fully charged volley on them. Triggering it when people are already shooting at you would just slow you down.

I feel like the only way for the perk to be really good is if we get a new revolver weapon somewhere in the future, on the Emily it does kinda work, on the corvo I find just straight up rapid firing is better than trying to play with the perk and the new revolver Nag-gun while reloads slowly, does still not really benefit that much from it as it only uses 3 rounds

It just feels extremely awkward in practice on all the current revolvers we have, like it was not really designated for any of them

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I bought one and I’m learning to use it with Corvos.
It feels like either the description is a bad translation, or that it’s slightly bugged. The reload aspect of the perk is really not noticeable or useful, as far as I can tell.
However, I wouldn’t say the cabin is useless. If you think of it as a second ammo supply that does more damage, it makes a bit more sense. I’m pretty sure the extra damage applies to all shells that get loaded after it’s triggered, and continues to be active until they’re shot.
So I’ve been triggering it long before engaging the enemy, giving my first barrage a damage boost. Then I can either hit them again with a normal barrage, or retreat and reload my fancy bullets again.
This is useful enough for revolvers, as none of them do spectacular damage normally. A one salvo boost, combined with any co-driver boost, can make the difference between a gun sparking and a gun disappearing.

They should make it so you can trigger it when your chambers are empty. Doesn’t make sense that it only works when you have bullets in your gun.

Ya, it does, because if you’re playing the Emily in particular, you’ll find you’ll want to unload remaining shells often, in order to provoke the reload sequence so you can hit bad guys with full capacity. So instead of racing to an objective unloading into the ground to prepare a full load, you can just hit the button, and get back in action much quicker.

I like this feature a lot…for the Emily. It doesn’t work well with the new 3-shot cannon (still reloads too slow, too fragile), or the Corvo (due to the loss of that “silver Bullet”), and perhaps it’s not a very strong perk over all, but I do like the mechanic of it…for the Emily.

I would give the Corvos a try, but their hit-box is bugged, and they suck for that at the moment. I’m not sure they were ever very easy to work with though.

As for the Nag, IDK. Seems like the Carapace might be a better fit for it than the Manitou. I might give that a try tonight.

If it works, then I think it makes the value of this pack it all comes in pretty good (the budget pack, anyway). The parts it provides could, in theory, fit in with the Carapace’s recent perk addition, while revitalizing the Emily with the Manitou, and providing modules good for either cab (Carapace and Manitou), and perhaps beyond. Not all packs are as versatile…or pretty.

It’s also damn pretty. Did I say that already? All of it…damn pretty.

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I meant that when you completely drain your chambers, you can’t trigger the reload, and instead have to let it finish reloading naturally, and then hit the trigger to reload again.
I like being able to trigger it when the chambers have some bullets, I just think you should be able to trigger it at all times.

Why would you do that (re-load an already loaded chamber)?

My understanding was that the only benefit this perk had to offer was that you no longer had to discharge a revolver completely to top off it’s ammo, a process that is now made marginally faster than reloading an already empty revolver when using this perk…which is why it takes less time to “reload” if there are already unspent cartridges in the revolver. You are essentially just topping off your cylinder, which is not something that could be done before the Manitou.

There is no reason to empty all your rounds and then let it reload, only to push the perk button and reload (survey?) your cylander. It’s not supposed to make rapid reload available for a determined interval, like the Flywheel or discharge.

It’s like this:

  • You’re going into the house from the barn to kill the farmer and his family. He has a wife, two kids, and a dog.

  • You’ve just killed his horse by shooting it in the head twice (Rule #2: Always double tap).

  • Your revolver held six rounds and now you’ve spent two.

  • Instead of shooting his dead horse four more times to justify reloading, you just put two more rounds in (activate perk)…

…which is how this perk’s reload feature is related to the shortened interval; the more bullets already in the gun, the less time it takes to refresh the cylinder. It take less time to put two rounds in a gun than it would five.

It’s not much of a perk. It simply fixes some bad game logic that only exists here in la-la-land. That is, nobody really needs to fire every round in the gun in order to reload. In Crossout you do…unless you have the Manitou.

This is probably a “perk” that ought to exist by default within all revolvers, but doesn’t.

I petition that they drop the power-score to 1500, because this perk is a tad weak.

You are forgetting the better part of the perk: every bullet loaded with the perk has buffed damage.
So if I trigger the perk on a fully loaded gun, it reloads all the chambers with a buffed round.

Anyway, even if we disregard that aspect, it still doesn’t make sense that we can’t trigger the reload perk when the gun is empty. Most of the time you’re going to empty a revolver, and that’s the moment you’d want a reload based perk the most.

To be clear, I have also been using it the way you describe, but in some cases I might have emptied two guns, while one didn’t shoot all its bullets. If I hit the perk, only the one that didn’t empty is effected. Unless I wait until the other two reload, and then it will reload all of them with the buffed shells.

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That’s a good point. 20% is a pretty good bonus too. Maybe they don’'t need to buff this cab.

I was gonna make a new topic on possible Manitou changes, but figured I could use this existing one

So, if you were to tweak how this cabin works a little how would you do it? I myself find that even with the added damage, I end up doing same amounts of damage by pretty much wasting reloads and spamming around half less shots in general while trying to have the damage boost up as much as possible by reloading with it. So I find the perk to be kind of counterproductive, as a raw example instead of shooting 3 full chambers of Corvos into an enemy, I end up shooting 1 perk boosted chamber of shots, in the time span I use using the perk to do an extra reload to get extra damage boost, I could have unloaded 3 chambers normally and done a lot more damage that way rather than trying to make use of the Manitou perk. Even on the Emily and Nagual I still find that trying to use the perk costs me overall damage from less shots fired and more time spend reloading

I’d suggest the perk works differently, when activated it instantly reloads all revolvers but only gives a 10% damage boost to the shots reloaded this way, and takes 30 seconds to cooldown. Currently it feels like just spamming shots normally VS spamming less shots but with a damage boost does around the equal amount of damage, give and take, while not using the Manitou at all is much easier to do and usually more efficient as you don’t have to fiddle with the perk

The usability of this cabins perk is like if Mastodons worked so that if you want to do a double shot with the heating effect, you need to hold the fire button, but instead of firing the double shot then the cannons reloads like normal, and after hat you can do the double shot by pressing the firing button. It just would not work

Personally, I wouldn’t change that much about how it works, other than allowing you to trigger the perk when your gun chambers are empty.
I like to keep a full load of charged shots in there as much as possible, and it’s really annoying to need to wait for the natural reload and then trigger the perk reload.
I think the damage boost should stay where it is, as none of the revolvers do a ton of damage and can really use the boost.

I’d do away with the entire convoluted reloading to get your bonus. Do it like the Icebox. Using this cabin that forsakes other potential boosts(free cloak beholder, anti spark/flash/heat kami, etc.) gives you X% bonus damage for using these not OP niche guns. Hell, let revolvers get a taste of meta for a while, why not? Not like a Pu isher cant mop them up or a firedog melt them like anything else. Let the sun shine on the poor things. I just wanna be Revovler Ocelot when i grow up :man_shrugging:

The quick reload is pretty useful though, especially with corvos.
I get that the mechanics are a bit awkward to something that is just on all the time, but it makes revolvers more interesting to play.

I disagree poony. The corvos perk and manitous perk are Directly opposed to each other. 3x damage is the point, that last 3x is the one that usually pops the enemy’s gun off. This cabs like, nah bro, reload fast, forget that juicy 60 damage bullet. Like what? No, i specifically want That bullet fired. The only way to properly use the manitou perk with the corvo is preloading it while in cover before you go out to duel. Using it in mid-combat is just dumb, no offense.