Map suggestions Colour coded teammates

Could you mark players in the clan battles as blue, yellow, green, purple etc, on the minimap instead of all blue, easier for coms to say “being attacked yellow” players look at the map and see the yellow marker and proceed to help.

Would be a slight improvement but would help new and old gamers

I thought we had a setting to change those colors already?

Oh wait…. Your talking about a diffeeent color for each car?

Just call out the persons name.

Yea, you know the list of the 4 players lined up before it shows the opponents.

Like from left to right we get a colour to use during the match.
We can call out names but the map doesn’t show names, only the players view shows the teammates etc :pray:t2:

You mean on the mini map?

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Yes bud

Corrected the post :pray:t2:

I could se it being somewhat useful.

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Yet no one picks these up and we the customers get ignored lol