* Maps - no more mirrored maps 🫣

‘make both sides different’ thx :kissing_heart:

They are trying to be fair to teams doing this. I.e if players think the other side has an automatic advantage they will start complaining about it.

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Yup. That.

There…kept it short and simple, just for you, Mud.


Just for him, or just like him?

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lol that might be a both…


I dislike mirrored maps too but get the reasoning for it, avoid :baby: from complaining and just on a time and design point it’s easier to copy + paste than be original, look at the assets on every map all copy + paste with little new assets
But the others are right about people :wine_glass: about how one side of a map would give an advantage to those who can’t or won’t adapt

i know ,but all we do is run around to the other side anyway’
'so this would make them stay and defend or run around to the other side.

'i think we need a Test Map ’ :thinking:

'no helicopter maps,just ground units.

‘time for a change in XO’ :wink: