Market Ban

How do you get unbanned from market? I bought wrong pack. Then refund it and then crossout market banned me :roll_eyes:ive been playing this game for 3 plus yeara and i spent too much $ on it

File a support ticket and explain the situation. Should take them up to 2 or 3 business days to reply.


I have multiple times. Been banned for like 5 months now. Literally can’t do anything. I bought the wrong pack got refund and they banned me so annoying tbh. I just wanna play the game. They contacted me once only asked my username and still nothing has happened

When did they contact you? It could take some time. Also, did you spend any of the coins from that pack, if there were any? If you did, you could ask them to even set your coin balance to a negative value - they do that on their own when a pack refund happens. So this should be very simple to solve. If you used the coins from the pack, I’m not saying intentionally to profit in a fradulent way, or if something happened to any of the items, it shouldn’t be a problem. Ask them to calculate the value of anything that may have been missing (if there was anything missing), and to deduct that from your coin balance. Ask them to make it a negative balance, if they have to, and say you’ll accept that penalty because you just want to be able to use your account’s full functionality. And apologize profusely, say you’re very, very sorry, and you’ll do your best to plan your purchases more carefully in the future. It’s also in their interest not to lose a potential customer this way - but don’t include this part in the ticket. :slightly_smiling_face:

It really is very simple for them to just deduct any coin-value of any items or coins that they deem necessary, and restore your account’s full functionality. I remember reading about several players’ accounts’ coin balance being set to a negative value as a result of a pack refund. So that’s a standard procedure that can be applied in this situation. I’m wondering why they haven’t done that already.

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AS packs are none refundable via any way offically. Guessing you did a card/bank refund. In which case they marked banned you because of that.

Permenant market ban, you are lucky they didn’t just ban you from the game.

Thats ridiculous tho. Xbox offer’s refunds thats how all businesses work even in daily life. Sometimes people buy wrong things. It happens. Its not like we keep what they selling. They shouldn’t approve redunds then if they are gonna ban people. Especially on a game pass game. Like I understand if i want refund long time later. Nah i asked for refund within 20 minutes realized i bought wrong pack. It happens to best of us. Market ban is basically a game ban because i dont have a cab/base. Legit sold all because i was buying certain pack to get better base with more energy

So you bought a pack, didn’t like it sold everything then refunded… yeah you earned the market ban right there.

So to your logic u do it in real life u shoul be sent to jail huh? Even xbox says your allowed for refunds within 30 days. Smh ur so toxic for that mindset. One thing to return something because u disliked. Another to accidentally purchase wrong item and turn in within 20 minutes. I understand if I kept and use their items and etc then ask for refund yea thats crazy. But when i got refund all of it was gone as well ala the pack i bought. I honestly hope u dont have kids. Because buddy sometimes Ive even made purchases on wrong card on my account. Its called if you made bad purchases doesn’t mean u should be banned. Its a free game at that. Even cod doesn’t ban ur gta for refunds. If they going to ban people then don’t allow refund in first place or say if they refund you will be market banned and etc. That was my honest first mistake. Thats bad business tbh. I put in years and lots of money into this game and they ban over a refund that’s beyond ridiculous

Do try to clarify the matter with support. Maybe try to work out a deal, offering to spend the same amount of money on something else. That way, they’ll still get your money now, and possibly in the future, if you keep spending here. And for now, choose a pack, or a combination of packs or battle passes totalling the same amount that was charged back. Then tell support that if they remove the market ban, you’ll make those purchases as soon as possible, like within a week or so.

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Yea when they emailed me i said that to them. Waiting on reply now. Thanks btw

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Yes, what you did is actually a crime, it is called fraud.

This isn’t about the refund time, this is about how you grabbed a refund on an item you no longer had, that is fraud. Literally that is fraud.

Yea u dont understand business do you. You realize if you shop at walmart buy an item if you dislike it, wrong, jor as appeared, or if not open or used you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase! I legitimately didn’t even use a single item i paid for. So they approved my refund and toook all the items. So ib that case the ban was technically unnecessary. Two there’s wasn’t even a warning about the ban. Sad how this generation works on games. You got moders, hackers, bot abusers, mnks, zens, all don’t get banned. You simply make a purchase then get approved for refund by the xbox and game itself they ban u. It’s called if refunding isn’t allowed they as company shouldn’t approve and warn you about it. You honestly need to go look up how refunds are legal and understand what fraud is

No, you don’t.

30 day return doesn’t mater if you use the product or half of it. note that that 30 day doesn’t apply to consumables. The packs of crossout are consumables.

You used the coins, and sold the pack. you consumed it, there for you are not entitled to a refund. And no you are not entitled to a warning about it.

Infact 3 years ago doing what you did would have netted you a GAME BAN.

You can’t go and refund a hotdog by handing them your crap, just like you can’t refund a pack that you h ave already used and sold the parts from.

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Again for the last time you basically dont read. I said I didn’t use it all. What you the owner company pays you. Refund is legit and legal. I can tell you never done a refund in your life. I just had refund on amazon. Package came damaged got 100% refund and they gave me 20% discount. Got refund on my xbox controller at walmart. Box opened used for a week. Maybe you oughta read the receipt when you go shopping. Refund is possible especially if package isn’t open. If not open its 100% refund. If open its still allowed refund and based on % of companies policy! No such thing as fraud or illegal on refund in the USA!!! Maybe another country things work differently but here in the USA refund is legal. I legitimately just bought a pack for snow runner and the email or receipt even says you can get full refund within 24 hours. Bought a game a while back trucking game played for 3 hours was terrible got approved by xbox. Refund isn’t something you click and it’s approved. No some actual person reviews your claim/ticket and approves or deny your refund. 9/10 refunds are always approved if was purchased with in given time. Some rules are played under 4 hours. Pack is faulty. Or you paid for something wrongly or accidentall purchased. Thing like that can obviously happen. Please stop being so ignorant bub

You can’t refund consumable items, even if you don’t use them anyway.

That really doesn’t matter…

The problem is the order of operation in which he tried to get a refund. It’s in their store policy and I’m tired of reading both of you fight over this.


In case of definitely and unconditionally faulty or non-functioning In-Game Items, or in other cases when you are entitled to a refund according to the rules of applicable law, we will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, provided we do not decide to patch the In-Game Item as provided in Section 12 of this Store Policy. To initiate the refund, please get in touch with Gaijin Support Service at

If he had contacted them first he wouldn’t have gotten banned.

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