Market corridors (again)

I have been unable to sell a cabin I don’t want for THREE DAYS because of the market corridors. Targem, if you’re going to have them, at least make sure you can sell at the price that’s offered.

to many stupid ppl wrecking the market prices

Honestly they need more work on how that system works. However if you always allow for selling at the offered price there would be no difference to removing them. They put them there to stop freak-out selling which was rampant and generally caused by their own nerfs and marketing practices. (i.e. suddenly offer up a rare paint or decor as part of a pass.)

I wouldn’t mind having a discussion on the issues of how it works and what might work better that doesn’t make it suck even more.

Not… Not really. You can set the sell price within these two limits, and the buy price limits expand to match them. Right now it’s “the sell price is 345.32, the buy limit is 0.02 below. F*ck you.”

That’s part of what I mean by things could be improved but sometimes the prices are 100 off too. The hard cutoffs outside of reason is what makes it not work well. There’s been a number of times where I’d like to just buy something but the max price wouldn’t even go as high as the selling price too.

u cant do shit when its player ran holy fuck how many times do i have to say that, PLAYER FUCKING RAN devs cant do shit thats why a couple times they have reset markets on all platforms nd guess what stupid players that watch dumb fucks on YT that constantly saying hey guys just lower the price by 0.01 coin ull sell it faster nd just raise ur order by 0.01 nd ull buy it faster, so ya blame the dip shits that actually fucked the markets cuz stupid ppl

Can you actually type like a normal person? I don’t mean it as an insult or anything I just want to be able to read it easily.

what with . , ?! ect lol

I’m serious what you type is hard to read as it is right now. I’m not perfect with my grammar, diction, punctuation either but I do make an attempt to use them.

i just dont care to use them

It just makes it easier to communicate. A short sentence is one thing a paragraph is another.

well, youre way too generous. the most basic function of a market is to facilitate the exchange of goods which is literally impossible in this case. big fail.

the market corridors were introduced with the argument of preventing organised trading between friends, or scammers selling off inventories because targem was too lazy for a real solution.

as usual it was poorly done and is fuckin with people ever since. but said people keep giving their money, so targem doesnt care, why would they?

let me guess, you play on a mobile device, right? you seem to not be aware what market corridors are or that theyre a thing on pc only. your statement is false. requiring a yt video to learn to increase by 0.01 coins was the give away btw.

PC market looks like hell

market corridors are being artificially tampered with.

i created this offer yesterday morning at 115 C , wanted to update it to 118 to outbid someone 1 hour later , and the price corridor was now at a minimum of 736.46. despite the fact that the lowest running offers were around 400

conclusion : people were doing the normal undercutting driving the price down when the market bot was manually tampered with to artificially increase the overall value of the mini battle pass (reward levl 47) at least in hte eyes of all who estimate bp value before buying it.

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I’m normally just too nice about things.

.02 coin compared to the larger difference in @suppurax graphic example (second image) for pink panther paint is what I was referring to when saying there should be reasonable allowances. I think they probably could widen the percentage of value that your allowed to bid in most cases and the system overall would still function as they currently have it.

These deadlock spots are much of what I have an issue with. I’m not a huge fan of setting prices as the value of something should be what the two parties are willing to agree on. Drastic drops aren’t great though at the same time. As it makes for a really bad simulation of value in the limited player pool.

I would maybe look at using system driven market bots for maintaining min prices that are automated to purchase near cost (resource value + production cost) or perhaps salvaged percentage value. This might allow them to focus more on quantity available on the market and when to re-release items. As the market as a sim should have certain levels of surplus if they are to not do a completely player driven market.

I actually remember watching hackers clear of entire inventories of a single item off the market before. Where like for example all the radars would suddenly be gone then be a super low price then moments later be back to almost normal prices. That was years ago before the corridors came into to play.

They weren’t introduced just to stop organized trading though part of it was to stop the freak-out sales from the nerf too. Many of the players don’t even attempt to calculate the change in an item before going oh no nerf and selling an item for less. The time delay often kicks in when prices are dropping too fast.

Yeah there does seem to be price limits but I’m not sure how they are exactly set right now. Every BP season the paints are normally like your example where they flatline and drop to a unsellable limit. Nothing should be unsellable in my opinion though.

I would kind of like it if they kept track of quantity and ran it more like a market simulation. If the system buys up extras on the market it goes to the store with a given quantity at a fixed gold cost which can be exhausted. i.e would be a portion of what the market bots would do that I mentioned above. They would really have to attribute costs and recipes (even if they aren’t available to a player) to everything though to fix it like I’m trying to describe. i.e a realistic market simulation.

I’d like to be able to see a few more values on the market pages too: The number in circulation and number that are account locked. I’d also like to see a longer purchase history with sales included where last purchase price is located. I think there is space on the screen for it.

Could this be a real feature, please? I’d love to be able to give items to my lower tier fiends who can’t get it

they also have bots on there who watch the market 24/7. they are the ones constantly lowering the prices by a damn penny. dont believe me? i tried to sell one of my typhoons for over 32,000 coins. well some no life was camping the marketplace, anytime i went over 32k they would under bid me by a penny within 10 seconds. i even waited an hour and even 6 hours and the same thing happened. they wouldnt go lower then 32k so i tried again 6 hours later and the same thing happened, i put in an offer to sell for 33,000 and they put in an offer for 32,999 trying their best to annoy the hell out of me. this was within a 10 second time frame so someones either no lifeing the market place or its a market bot. it wasnt just the typhoon either, this was for multiple items. some people have nothing better to do with their time.

im not sure what this term means. do you mean what i mentioned above? someone outbidding you by a penny anytime you want to sell? this is why i hate the market place. read above if you want more info.

there are market bots who try to deliberately lower the prices of everything. they will try to outbid you by a penny in order to drive the prices down. hell i went to sell something before for 900 coins only to come back the next day to see that some chucklefucks bombed the price to 400 coins. its absurd.

No, it’s the inability to sell an item outside of a set price range. Such as, “you cannot sell a minigun for more than 450.00, and less than 290.00”. It’s normally not a problem, but sometimes the buy limit is below the sell limit, so you can’t buy the item because the game won’t let you offer the amount that’s being requested. It’s said fantastically in one of my older replies to this topic.