Market corridors are dumb

The title says it all. Only PC has them. Why?

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We’re cheaters?

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Damn that capitalism ! LMBO o7 & waves American flag

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Yup I really love it when I am trying to buy some random cheap item I need and can’t bid the amount it is going for even if I have the coins because market corridor insert sounds of explosive diarrhea

Or sell an unwanted sticker for the low amount I would be willing to sell it for just so my inventory is less cluttered with stickers I don’t need but nope more explosive diarrhea echoing off the walls of the toilet bowl

My tinfoil hat theory is that it’s made partially this way so we use the recycling function more and waste resources/coins in doing so → much more higher chance of the player caving in and buying coins → we make more money har har har

I seldom use any stickers, They seem to be a niche for a younger crowd that wish to simulate graffiti “art” I am glad they do not take storage space. Although :thinking: I would like to thin out quite a few but recycling is an expensive endeavor with Las Vega’s :money_mouth_face: odds against you for a useful item in return.

Garth brooks tune “Thunder rolls” comes to :thinking: mind

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i think the corridors are so you cant transfer coins from one account to the other (hacked accounts for example) by just putting in a sticker for 50k and buying it with the hacked account, or a friends account that quit.

Yes. It’s because we are cheaters and exploiters over here on PC. It’s why we can’t have nice things.

You are correct . This is exactly the case why they did this. Sadly we all are guilty before proven innocent here as if “we” are nothing but a den of thieves.