Market crazy stuff

I really don’t get this stuff.
I’m not a stockbroker or economist
this market goes against all i know about stock markets and economy.
this shit is rigged AF.
I mean, when the offer is less than the demand the price instead of going up, goes down or plateau.
Rumours make or break a thing, the perceptions are more important than real facts. e.g.
when word came out of the changes planned to Spider cab that should inflated or plummeted the cab price, not when changes are putted in place, normally, the prices balance out after the real event.
And other stuff like that.
I never saw the cab as high as is now, at least, i don’t remember.
What i think about the spider cab it’s not important.
But this market thing it’s fishy AF.
Yes, i saw people complaining, but now i decided to grab the bull by the horns but this bull don’t have the horns where they were supposed to be.

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What was the price at I didn’t look when I was on a few minutes ago?

By the sound of the rest of your post you have already figured out the market.

So I’m not sure why you think it is fishy.

Take your knowledge and profit.

In the past , around 500 and 600, the times i saw it, the Spider was a thing i was always interested in having (the old version).
Now, i was checking the humpback cab and i saw the spider and i was surprised.

the funny thing after all this, they decapitated the spider.
now there will be people hanging around with spider legs and others with the spider head ,
spider cab has 54 offers and 5 in demands.
Doesn’t make any sense at all.
I think, it doesn’t exist any other cab in the game were visually it’s that connected to a type of build than the spider.
The devs couldn’t created a new cab other than the cockpit? and make more money from it?
Catalina is over 2 k coins a pop, Fav still well over 1k, icebox too
why change the spider perk with other perk than the one it’s meant for?
they didn’t do that with ghost, they revamped the ghost cabin and buffed it afterwards.
why they did that? that means legs are domed? will be domed?
they always have been very reluctant in buffing legs ( the 50kph one it’s not a buff, but a trade) even with the new patch they nerfed the legs before the new patch went live. (climb capabilities).

In the case of legs 79 offers against 46 in demand (looks right at a first glance)

In some items the market works as supposed but others…oh boy!

they buffed Goliaths to 55 kph to be able to keep up with the team but if you slap a golden eagle you will be able to go at 65 kph, now that’s a buff, i don’t know the prices before, but now…
the prices seem to be coming down, 38 vs 15.

When the initial update news hit the spider cab hit a little over 2k in price before starting to slump. It had previously been sitting around 700-800 for a while. I remember seeing it a few times at lower prices but I think that was during events. I know they have a 50% sale running right now that includes the spider cab. That will slump the price a little too. So I don’t think it is too far off right now from where I would expect it.

Prior to the update it was on my low priority upgrade list. (The I’ll get around to it eventually kind of thing.)

As far as the changes go I rigged up some meat grinders with one and 2 crickets also tried it with 3. It’s far from decapitated and the crickets are for once very accurate now to roughly about 225m. In all I think giving the legs some speed and changing the perk isn’t bad. I think they couldn’t give the legs their speed back with the cab retaining it’s old perk though. As far as it being visually connected to the build type it’s mostly an issue of perception as well as release knowledge. I always pictured it as more of a tank cabin but that’s mostly do to similarities with the Carpace cab that I noticed over the years.

I think fixing the popularity decline of the legs was the larger issue. This allows for much greater variability in how they are used. They sat in the low 200s in price for the greater portion of the last few years. Much of the decline came from cannon nerfs over the years as there were a lot of 6x legged spider builds prior to those changes.

Ghost cab was different in that it was both ineffective and unpopular. It’s still not a very popular cab because it’s hard to build around. Even while they fixed a number of issues it’s still a challenge.

Just like with the rest of the game, there is some hankey-pankey afoot. A player’s gonna play.

Also, the economic models are unnatural, much like the physics models in this game. Both are suspended in a forged reality.

I also noticed how oddly the price skyrocketed on the Spider, despite all the noise from the public that they had ruined it with this weird update, and despite the lack of demand, as you pointed out. It doesn’t follow logic. I don’t know what I’m missing.

On the bright side, I bought a Bear at the freakishly low price of 63 coins today. That seemed weird, but I’ll take it.

The bears been low since they gave them out with that promo code build.

The prices drops when there is low demand because we use the same resource base as everything else, and resources to craft are what dictactes prices the most. In the real world less demand for something when there is alteady a bunch produced will cause its price to go down. Then as the product becomes more scarce and the product overlfow is gone then the products price will rise again as even though its not in demand there is no longer competition of overflow product being sold and thus no competution driving prices down, in that case prices begin to rise even when not in demand.