* Market Delay to sell...🥺

no need more this.the market moves fast and we need to know when to sell… :wink:

who drops the prices like this…
is this a market bot?:thinking:


Motivated seller?

Could be a corridor bot and someone who just makes repair kits and sells them for the daily tasks like I do

We had 10 free kits in a BP or something recently. And people that don’t do raids dumped them on the market.

I know I have 10 sitting in my inventory and I don’t craft those things.

i still have those ten,they are non tradable on pc :sob:

Only the free ones are un-sellable. The crafted ones can be sold.
I think

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yes craft/sell.
free/no sell


That will happen to me when i sell what i’m building for months now.

I used them to blow up and return 10x in raids for the banner unlocks. Since I don’t do CW’s anymore and have a large variety, that is basically why I play now… to finish unlocks.

lol i bought 20 car jacks at .81 a piece a few nights ago to unlock a banner , then sold them all for 1.40 :joy: