Market Fees..lets put an end to this fakery

we play hard for our winnings…so why should a fake market take our money?
let’s end this trend…say No to game market taxes and fees in all games…


The market commission is very unfair because too many coins are out of circulation - of course this is only for the benefit of the gajin, but they could forgive themselves.
If it still has to be explained to someone … the reduction in taxes increases revenues, not the other way around.

I never understood, if i buy 1000 coins and then buy stuff, after the “taxes”, they’re only really worth 900 (roughly). Explain that to new players who run around in garbage cans because it can take weeks to buy something you critically need.

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10 % market fee is way to high. When you selling for e.g cabin for 5000 they should took 500. Robbery. Good move to inherit players to buying coins ;(