Market Functionality

How does the market work?

Well it is very carefully calculated so that people will in general not be able to make much money, loose a lot of money in between buying and selling and end up pouring real life money into the game, with the added benefit of price corridors sometimes making items like decor and paint be untouchable. Special mention to parts being completely locked away by price corridors, even if you had the coins to buy said part, or you would be fine for selling away a part for a specific price, but you are just not allowed to

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What platform do you play on? The console market is very profitable.

Xbox and PS markets are much better for free players, but paying for packs and coins is worth less due to higher prices.

I make 10k coins a week easy on Xbox. That gets me a relic every 4-5 weeks.

Also console does not have price corridors

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we have an information thing that pops up telling you that you are outside the norms, but no hard refusals or 24hr (dunno if they still have this on pc) thing like on PC.

buy sell trade with a 10% fee on sale. quick sale through UI is ALWAYS BAD. Always open the actual market. Always.
Special rules on pc if you go outside the “norms” on pricing. Profit can be made.

show me,don’t tell me :rofl:
PC is horrible,there is no way to get a relic unless you pay real life money…
so your saying you own every relic x 10 in the game since you started playing?
i’m sure they are all upgraded too,right?
there is no way to make 10k coin a week on pc,saying this—you can’t craft and sell without losing more than you put into it.
buying into the game you might be able to,
but what about a free player?..they get nothing… :sob:

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hes probably lying and/or failing to properly count what he actually bought with the cc. or is your account worth 3-4 million, monkey? how much is a relic on console averaged over time? i sure know youve claimed to have played since 2016 at times.

the market works like this: when you put up something for sale someone who quick buys this item will buy yours when yours is the cheapest offer.

when you put up a buy order for something youll buy it from someone who quicksells this item if you are the highest bidder.

addendum. dont quick buy/sell

Lol, well no :slight_smile: but I have owned every relic in the game except that Jormangander or whatever.

I currently own 11 relics, 7 out of those 11 are fused.

I also have like 45 (give or take I’m not on the game to count) fused Legendary items.

Can’t remember how many total fused items I own, I know it’s somewhere between 3 and 4 hundred items. (I want to say like 350 or 370ish) I can check later, have not looked in awhile.

Most of my inventory is fused. But I would have to estimate my inventory value around 3.5 million. (Accounting for fused value)

I have a single build worth like 900k on Xbox. Quad fused porcs and everything else fused.

I have multiple fully fused builds.

thats very big brain of you to simply double down on my guess. i was doing some very rough quick maths assuming 40k per relic. doubts, but maybe.

anyways, your whole “playing the market” was always a console exclusive due to the more simple minded playerbase. on pc it was a thing before the corridors but it was a rough sea out there. and also, no coin duping on pc, mister i played on console from day one, the time when the duping happened.

Yeah, relics on Xbox are between like 40k and 50k each right now. Sometime dips a little lower if something gets nerfed.

I’m sure there is some crazy guy out there that has a more complete “fused” inventory then I do but I have not meet one yet.

chill out bro, no need to give me the full tenshin/dhawk out of the blue like this. i get it, youre a heckin unicorn.

Why would it be out of the blue? And what above is not chill?

I guess I felt like you wanted an explanation since above you started off with calling me a liar. I guess next time I can just insult you like everyone else does and skip the conversation? Tone it back a few notches man, no one is impressed.


So I have a One X, Series X, PS4 and PC.
I can tell you that you are full of shite. Your entire generalization of that large of a sample group shows you do not understand math and averages. Nor sampling groups.
Individual players are bad, however large swaths of population have the exact same averages… they are averages…

Your genius level thinking of how much an account is worth doesn’t even take in proper game mechanics. My account is worth less than 400k. Does that indicate I have every cabin upgraded? Does it also include upgraded movement parts? Does it include all my purple weapons and modules that are upgraded?

Really the main thing that shows in my account value is the Relics I haven’t fused.

The biggest problem I have with your post: You assume everyone else plays the exact same amount of time and directs their play the exact same as you. That is asinine.

When you have no real basis for your argument you fall to name calling and generalization. That alone places you outside the PC “masterace”. We can tell by your insults you are a keyboard turner.

28-60k. Slightly above 40k is average over time since 2018. (Xbox/PS). There is not as marked difference between the three as there was two years ago.

Came on, Monkey, I can say exactly how much my inventory goes for.

See? (in the bottom left.

It reads almost 34 k.

Ok add up everything pictured. Then look at the total.
This is why RoughMonkey gets a free pass on estimation from me. Nothing upgraded counts in that total.

Ok that is cabins. What is your total market value now if they could be sold?

Add these next:

Ok so now what is your total? Does it match the lower left? Do you need me to post movement parts, decor, paints and stickers?


I understand where you are trying to go.

But, and sadly, in my case…

If it’s not almost 34 k, must be very near to that.

But i get what you are saying.

Don’t need to bring out decor and paints, that’s clearly my strongest items regarding inventory numbers i have twice and triple the same item (in some cases) but they are non tradable

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this is good to know…
i wondered why my build says it’s way cheaper than it is :smile: thanks.

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That’s because your inventory is not fused.

When you fuse an item it can no longer be sold, it basically turns it into a different item that is not on the market.

Because the item is not on the market, it has a value of “0” as far as the game is concerned. (The market determines inventory value)

My inventory is almost completely fused.
The only items that are not fused are newly acquired items I’m working on fusing or items I’m selling on the market.

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Most of my builds are worth Zero coins. Because they are all completely fused.

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By getting ripped off by schemers like me and rough monkey. Me on pc and rough monkey on console. I have laid off on the market flipping anyways it is getting on my nerves.

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