* Market..is it time to make a market for Upgraded items? 🤔

i think this could be a good thing…what do you think?
not really into the event to break them down…
question is …would you buy an upgraded item on the market?..



Devs are doing unfusion events instead. So it aint gonna happen.

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It’s generally just too many combinations per single item to work well in the way the market layout is. It would be a lot easier if they separated the individual upgrades into their own sub-items and just made them non-permanent changes that could be slotted in and out. I’ve sent it in a few times as a suggestion idea but they either don’t like it or don’t want to do it for whatever reason.

i don’t think it would be a good idea. i can’t rightly explain why. All the pictures in my head with no words just say it’s a bad idea.

that’s where your wrong…this game would be better if we had this market…
has anyone played a game to where you look for upgraded items you want to buy ?..
if you say no then your not a gamer!
i upgraded items just to sell on the market in many games.so have have you all.

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i think you need to take a step back there. Friends or not, you’re making things up right now and I need to stop you. I been playing games for 35 years and, no, i have never played a game that (at the time I was playing it, like World of Warcraft and others) where you could sell and upgraded item. it always Bound the item to the account.

the pictures in my head all up to this. being able to sell upgraded items is helping someone else make a god fusion build that will rule the pvp field. so…like, why do that?

quit eating pills.

It could be a very good idea to make like a black market for mod items, you´ll need tokens to participate on it, its tax free and out of market bots, i mean crossout its supposed to be a wasteland, and nothing screams more wasteland than a side shady black market

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I have seen many games that have ungraded items in the market and it works fine.

I vote yes +1

It funny that you said you’ve been playing games for 35 years and NEVER encountered that kind of game mechanic. Are you playing same 3 games all your life? Or maybe give up too early playing the same online game without really trying it? Or might be that you’re playing some mobile or offline games… I dunno. Sorry your comments just made me laugh :rofl:

I can’t say I’ve played too many online games but I can name a few right away that have “upgraded gear/items” economy implementation at various degree. I played all these for some time so I can definitely confirm they have that kind of implementation.

EVE online, Dungeons and Dragons, Lineage 2, Team Fortress, Diablo series, Life is Feudal even Minecraft has it. And many more I haven’t played.

I say we need this mechanic. I believe Devs don’t want to implement it because it’s hard to do technically without changing how current market works. I won’t get into details on that.

Oh and about that “overpowered” builds. It sounds like there are no such builds currently with upgraded gear… Plus upgraded items would sure cost way more than normal once so only rich players would afford it. And at least you will know how much you need to spend to actually get what you want and need. And if that isn’t working for you then you can sell it and get something else without grinding too much.

So we need an upgraded parts market and to be able to sell them. Or like others suggested maybe have an ability to purchase certain modifications separately. Like -mass or +durability etc.

For every item that has 3x3x3 upgrades it would require 27 extra market slots (highest combo rate). As the market is now that would make it really annoying to use. Sure there are ways to code views where you could expand and contract the un-needed data. i.e. You could nest the upgraded items inside the un-upgraded parent item’s listing. That still leaves a player looking through 27 nearly identical listings trying to find the upgrade combo they are looking for. Players that don’t want to look are going to quickly ask for filtering for it. So then you end up having to select the item and click off the upgrades and search for just that single one.

That’s not even touching on production issues. The new version of the upgrade event in the mini passes has players using 2 past BP items which are largely unproduceable by many payers and turning them into a upgraded item. There would be nothing stopping a few whales on the first day of one of these events to buy all the available components up and producing out all upgraded items to list on the market.

There is also the issue of persistence on the market. Upgrades in this game generally reduce parts off the market. If anyone understands supply and demand and what the ramifications of having items that are never consumed by the game are. They’ll generally understand what will happen to the prices of those items on the market. So now the item you thought would be worth 3 times the value is worth 2.X. That’s not even factoring in the 2x item upgrades from the mini-bp and the 2x items from upgrade days. So some days you might just be looking at 1.X times the value. Once you start getting that low in value then you start effecting the value of the normal versions on the market.

It’s do-able but will be kind of ugly, could poorly effect other stuff. They could be spending their time on issues that actually should be fixed. i.e. maps, modes, balance…

I think it would be easier just to have some more events that focus on upgraded item exchanges. I.e. take any upgraded version of X item and simply trade it for a different upgraded item. It’s simple and doesn’t have any real ramifications to deal on the market.

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Read closer: he is pointing out that selling upgraded parts would require 27 times the number of listings for upgradable parts. That’s a lot! Would make the market very confusing to navigate.


Unfusing should be 1. Cheaper and 2. not tied to an event, or 2b. the events more frequent.

But they can’t do that because then the players won’t be forced to use their money and we want the money insert a mental image of the people running this game buck naked and moaning greasily while rubbing money on their nude sweaty bodies while more is poured in to whatever box they are at

I think he’s just over focused on what he’d sell off if he could, rather then any of the ramifications of what a change like that would bring.

Simplest thing to do would just be offer some direct trade events where one upgraded item type can be traded for another of a different type. It skips the entire issue of un-fusing. Which for some is cost prohibitive especially when dealing with newer players that have only picked up a few BP’s. So going to the direct trade would also give them the ability to convert some items too. That doesn’t conflict with the ability to do the other event types either which is also nice.

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i know why, because of the ridiculous prices people will charge. think about it, think of how high in price these items will be for a competitive weapon with all the right upgrades. this would be ridiculous. people over price things enough in this game as is. when an event comes out the prices of things skyrocket. when limited items come out the price skyrockets. look at the bastion, before when the recipe was limited the cabin was going for 5k per cabin. a fused one would run you 15k or more depending on the fusion you got. when the blueprint came in it dropped down to around 800 - 900 coins. think of how much people would hike up the price of a relic or even a legendary with perfect competitive fusions. ugh i dont want to think about it!

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