Market place is bs

i just noticed something in the market place and i think it might be a bot being a jerk.
im trying to sell my typhoon and anytime i change the price someone bids a penny below me. even after big price jumps it keeps happening.
as soon as i try to sell it for 29,000 the bids stop. when i go anything above that they always bid a penny below me. this is why i hate using the market place. as soon as i change my bid it automatically places a bid a penny below mine. when i go to 29,000 exactly it doesnt place anymore bids. wtf is this crap?
literally this happens less then 10 seconds after i make the bid.


when i try to sell it may take a while or never happen.
a couple of days i was surprised to be able to sell what i sold, i was not expecting that,
And yes Market place it’s just BS.
I started to build for myself and forget the market place, it’s just a waste of time.

The market (PC) is most certainly absolute BS whale games.

PC market is broken. End of story. They will never fix it, it’s cash flow to the Devs, people give up and buy coins instead of selling stuff I think is their angle.

They would allow the same on PS and Xbox if they weren’t curated by Sony and Microsoft.

Yes, yes it is.

The market is probably the aspect of the game that sees the most cheating lmao. Probably some clan losers set up bots on Typhoons.

the thing is though is the item in the market is only in there for 24 hours then it gets returned to your inventory after that time is up if its not sold by then. i find this really irritating to deal with cause its a constant swap of prices and the market goes goes up and down in prices all the time, especially people forcefully lowering the prices to get what they want. its like their forcing you to wait longer to sell your items knowing once that 24 hours is up it goes back to your inventory so you have to babysit the marketplace everyday.

its what it looks like to me. i waited a while and changed my bid and 10 seconds after i changed my bid they bid a penny below me again. im on ps4 as well. this has been happening with countless items i tried to sell. the issue is the timer they have on the items. see above if your wondering what i mean.

I imagine for PC theres an unfortunate bot system. It may take a while to sell but il leave my stuff up for what I want and eventually itll sell

I had two hovers for sell, a week or so. better look that again.
And other thing… the market has so many defences against abusers, but for the casual user those same defences makes so more difficult any transaction that’s simple not fair.
I don’t see how selling literally a couple of parts here and there can upset the market.
I don’t have any problem in putting real money in the game here and there, but i won’t do that until Putin Get out of Ukraine.

I have stopped using the markets years ago. One the TAX 100% B.S. They dropped the bomb on it years ago. Once a game within a game playing the markets for fun & a small profit. But they ended that due to low sales of game gold & the excuse of high jacked accounts & the storage from such being sold. Devolved over time. R.I.P