Market price corridors on holidays?

good lesson in business , when a crafting event is coming ,remember to spam the market as fast as you can to make sure you make as little profit as possible (current craft cost is 185 C) this will take a while to recover .

they were at 307 earlier on
also…307 to 237 in 25 mins ? any price corridor somewhere???
or they are like boris , out of order?

and don t tell me people rushed to buy all Bps at 307 and above or lower because you could craft them for half that price. This is straight dishonest market manipulation from he devs

so devs turn market corridor bots off and on when it s convenient for them : players lose money = OFF , players can make a profit = ON ?

Since we’re in a market thread, one thing I’d like to say. Just the only thing I craft these days is radios for the “craft any part” daily challenges, and repair kits for levi invasions, as I need them.

I’d been crafting blue parts up until late spring of this year, when all of a sudden, the selling prices dropped over 25%. Items that were selling in the mid-40’s are now selling in the low 30’s, often below that. At first I assumed it was because the kiddies were getting out of school for the summer and were crafting, so supply was exceeding demand. Well the market selling prices for blue items never recovered, and now it doesn’t pay to craft anything. When the scrap and copper pile up, I just sell it off. This didn’t happen in 2022. :worried:

Crafting for profit is a crap shoot. Any more I hardly craft anything from cost to materials and then the dreaded Nerf bat slamming something into oblivion. Then the usual goober lowering a profitable item to a loss. Remember when crafting and the XO markets was a game within a game?! Oh the good ole days .

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I think they are letting the market stay poopy rather than fixing it on purpose, hoping that the poopiness of it makes people put more cash into the game so they can buy stuff

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Or maybe they’re planning on merging the markets with crossplay, and hope that will fix everything?

Honestly looking at how much effort they put into the game I don’t think the possibility of crossplay is anything realistic, it’s a pipe dream

Do you think that crossplay is a significantly bigger project than helicopters?
I don’t really know what’s involved in making crossplay work, but some forum members have said in the past that it should be that complicated.

I suspect they are closer than we realize, based on the weird changes they made to what items are untradeable. The only explanation we came up with was bringing the consoles in line with PC.

Since when has Gaijin actually made the markets fun & profitable? It all began with the " sales Tax" Sadly adjustments have snowballed from that point . Console players to blame? They have pitched a hissy fit about the PC markets being so much cheaper for years and wanted better market prices. If this is market balancing between platforms as some claim, Prices will surely change & not for the better.