Market prices

Just because I think some people maybe interested in seeing how high Xbox prices are, here are a few screenshots from today. Maybe some people can post screenshots from other platforms?

They’re not too much higher than ps4. Tis the burden of your small population.

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Yeah I agree, this is one of the reason it sucks that the Markets will not be combined for crossplay. But if it means not having PC corridors then I’m fine with it.

Pc isn’t part of the crossplay anyways.

I’m not disagreeing with you.
But did they ever say this?

It would be nice to have proof one way or the other.

They said it in a Russian dev blog somewhere or something apparently. It’s none the less all hear-say to me. I’m just repeating the general consensus I’ve heard on this.

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Yeah, same here.

Both ways would be fine with me. I just want them to do it already :slight_smile:

Show me

holy crap, almost 9.5k for retchers?! 10,785 for fortunes?! almost 9800 for an apollo?! someone get their numbers, i need them to file my taxes for me!

all jokes aside though thats pretty high.
cyclone on ps4 is 6650, retcher is 6472, fortune is 7000, apollo is 6666.66… huh… still in these cases those prices are 3000+ coins higher then ours.
vindicator is 4679
reaper is 5594
equalizer is 1016
king is about the same, give or take 100 coins.
whirl is 1259
bigfoots 570
bigram 1170
punishers are 43500
typhoons are 37222
scorpions are 44696
porcs are 42988

… some of these prices are drastically different. kind of a shame how high xbox prices are.

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Agree, but I will have to assume that our resource prices are also higher. I will get some screenshots of that to post as well.

One thing you guys forget is that for each platform, the rewards are very different to balance the prices overall.

As for crossplay, it has been mentioned by Sam in last live update and the one just going that crossplay will be by xmas, and in the last one he did say PC as well.

I’m about to find that in the video so we can once and for all confirm.

My mistake - he mentioned cross platform is coming but the end of the year.
Time is 37 mins

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Thank you. I thought that is what he said.

It is the same thing they said last time.
I personally have never seen a confirmation that PC will not be included.

The only thing we know is “Cross Platform is coming by the end of the year” period.

So… speculation time :slight_smile:

If they where not going to include PC then why wouldn’t you just say that? What would they have to gain by not mentioning it? The live stream today included all platforms and they just said crossplay is coming directed to everyone.

End speculation :slight_smile:

I am sure they meant all player base for cross platform not just different consoles as that makes no sense. I know a GM and he was under the impression from meetings that its all platforms.

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Any confirmation?