* Market trading fee reduced! 😉 event

Market trading fee reduced!

We are once again lowering the in-game trading fee! Only from July 7, 12:00 GMT to July 10, 05:00 GMT, the fee for all trading operations on the market is reduced from 10% to 5%. Sell, buy and resell products with a profit!

This event is valid for PC, PlayStation® and Xbox. The promotion applies to all items and resources that can be purchased and sold on the in-game market.

The event will be available from 12:00 GMT on July 7 until 05:00 GMT on July 10

‘test run’ ? looks like they want to lower it to 5% permanently…fine by me :crazy_face:

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where you see ‘test run’? for me its just an event.

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i just threw that in there…because switching crafting reps on the fly without a time limit…they did the same thing as an event and realized it was better for the game and players… :thinking:

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It’s good for PC, bad for XBox.

PC needs more coin in circulation. Xbox however, does not.

you do realize these are’ fake coins’,and there is ‘NO circulation’ it’s ‘just make believe.’ :crazy_face: :shushing_face:

Can I have your fake coins then? They spend well in my fake Crossout world on the fake market.

The guy who owns the market and has been collecting all your market fees over many years, he must be very rich in crossout by now :thinking:

Rather some people who were “carefully” buying Omamoris/etc much before it was known about Helicon recipe (tests/dc/infos).

Some “nice” leak…

But ye, ofc… market bot might make a fortune for someone.