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I’ve only ever heard that crafting is more expensive than the market. So I compared the Hot Red motor which was 418 coinmarket price. I’ll admit that towards the end of tracking these prices I just started rounding up. So for the Lupara, for example, at 30 metal and 6 copper I just called it 2 coin in metal and .50 for the copper. I tried to err on the side of allocating too much coin for the resource. Also, this is asking price for everything except 200 in wires I paid 26 instead of 26.66 asking.
Trying to make an already long story short, I found crafting was slightly cheaper than market. I’m not sure how much I could have knocked of the market price of the motor but I routinely buy 1000 metal for a couple few less than asking which, when taken together, would would be quite a bit cheaper still. In fact I never pay asking for anything unless I don’t want to wait. Has anybody else wasted half an hour of their life doing this comparison? Thanks

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I rarely craft and will pay the lil bit of extra to just instant buy it…but thats just me. If crafting was significantly cheaper i would but alot of time its very close or sometimes even worse to craft in cost sense.

There’s a very long and heated debate in another thread about this.

Here’s my expert professional take on the issue.

If you like doing math for video games and maybe don’t mind playing with Excel, you’ll want to follow the market prices of everything needed to craft whatever it is you’re buying. Then, compare that number with the going price on the market for buying the item outright.

If you’re not a lunatic and don’t like doing math and spreadsheets for video games here are your other options.

If you enjoy the process of crafting items, do that. It may cost more. It may cost less. Either way, you’re having fun crafting & get a new toy as a reward.

If you do not enjoy the process of crafting, just sell the resources you get from matches & buy the item on the market. It may cost more. It may cost less. Either way, you’re having fun playing matches & get a new toy as a reward.


I’ve done the math a few times and found crafting was more profitable, but those were for items that sell high on the market.
I kind of use those tests as my baseline. I can look at an item and at current resource prices and get a good sense if it’s a really bad idea to craft.
These days I mostly just craft stuff I have workpieces for. Still got a lot that I want to use up.

I’m indifferent when it comes to crafting but everything I’ve read/heard says it costs more. Except my gut says it’s cheaper. It makes sense that the cost would be relatively close and I’m sure other market variables come into play. A few coins difference doesn’t bother me. Things just weren’t adding up in my head. Thanks for the replies.

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Crafting can be cheaper, if you craft everything from the ground up, like start with whites, then make a blue with those, than a light blue with them, then a purple and then a gold, but doing that to say each item that you need for a gold item takes so much time that by less time than that, you could have ground up resources, sold them and bought the gold part off of the market. And the amount of coin you generally save doing this is so minimal that you rather grind resources, sell them and then just buy the part off of the market.

And many parts are just plain cheaper to buy off of the market rather than buying parts for them and crafting them.

Even workpieces are near worthless, when they first came out they were supposed to be single use blueprints that take less resources and parts , but now they are just the token stuff that lets you craft parts you otherwise can not craft normally on the workbenches.

The only time I have made a profit with crafting was with Therm workpieces when they were needed for parts of a battlepass.

Higher you go in rarity for the parts, the less it is generally worth to craft them in my opinion and experience, and I would suggest anyone thinking of crafting a part to instead just sell resources and buy them off of the market because it’s either cheaper or costs the same as crafting but takes less time in general

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Same here, I crafted and sold those so fast :slight_smile:

I also agree with everything else you said.

It removes the need for me to say it all again :slight_smile: thank you.

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Crafting only when its cheaper than purchasing from the market. Other wise, if I have the coin its negotiable for purchase.

Thanks for that Kohtupora_69. Makes sense.

Find CrossoutDB dot com. It’ll help you.

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