Markings for friendly projectiles/firepits

When you’re in a PvP-battle and lots of people have incinerators or porcs, you can almost never be sure which firepits hurts you and which don’t.
Thats why I would like to have the option to color friendly fire blue or something like that.
Also mark friendly porc- and fortune-projectiles
with subtle markers, like those the king- and kapkan-mines already have.


If Devs do that or don’t I won’t care either way. And I say this as someone who makes lots of fire puddles and will at time think, “is that my puddle or an allies or an enemies.”

I like the guess who’s part of fire puddles, but at the same time idc if they make it colour coded either. Just whichever.

Should definitely be color-coded. But it’s been suggested billion times already, doubt we’llever see it. Still, +1