Mass drop

why has the mass dropped by more than 200 kg, now I have to break what I made, not nice
I made such a beautiful machine

Did you read the patch notes?

it said something about giving the game more balance, you understand that if you make something beautiful and then have to break it again it’s not that much fun, but okay, I’ll have to accept it anyway,

It happens to all of us over time.

basically they upped the amount of weight expanded ammo boxes have. it was 288 now its 408.

Read the patch notes they changed a bunch of things, devs can’t win, and people complain when "balance changes don’t happen, and when they do… :crazy_face:


ok thank you for the explanation i go to read the path notes,
and my apologies, I didn’t mean to be rude sorry

No worries…

Tank you best regards

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