Massive imbalance

What are the devs thinking?.
All pvp games are ruled by machine guns, shotguns and melee builds.
There is no point anymore to play other weapons, there is such a massive imbalance to weapons.
The guys in charge of game balance really should be fired.

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Blame the idiot who keeps releasing shit like Oma that makes driving straight into the opponent viable. 3 years ago if you tried to beeline towards anybody, you’d get vaporized by triple Execs in 10 seconds U_U


I think the devs are on vacation 11 months every year with all the dollars they get from people buying their new packs non stop, wich turn out to be useless almost everytime, they dont have time to balance the game.
They are much too busy telling their programmer slaves what to create next and hype it to the max to lure in as much buyers as possible.
Its not about the game anymore it seems, the old idea of crossout has died, now the devs only care about how much money they can squeeze from gullible people while slowly killing the game by not listening to the players.


What power score you playing at? What have you adapted to counter these builds? I play turrets and passive melee every day to great effect. Sometimes I can get short queue times at 5000 where I would call my vehicle overpowered. Most times, I play 6500-7000 for short queue times, but do well, not every time but mostly. Then, I had to get to near 9000 for clan confrontation and 4 Turrets or 3 Grenadiers at 9000 are less effective but I still do well. Every battle can go bad in 30 seconds. You team can be 7 snipers and you the only brawler and you die in seconds. Your teams’ bots can be stupid and the enemy bots genius and all your bots are dead in 30 seconds. Just play what you like, perfect your vehicle, play your strategy and have fun. My vehicle is covered in Bumpers and Passive Melle all around in a rectangle. The wide frames hold off melee well and fuse drones too and king mines. Melle and Tusk Rammers hate wasting time on me and usually die from ally crossfire or my turrets they ignore. When the wide frames are gone the battle is usually over. Adapt and overcome! Change your power score! Fight fire with fire! Pick one. It is a team game, team up with randoms, keep them alive, they keep you alive, speed is the best defense, never stop moving. Sometimes those shotguns and melee are your ally, right? The reward for victory is hardly greater than the reward for defeat. Go have fun!


Yeah there’s always been more or less imbalance in the game, but lately (ever since supercharged) it’s been extremely blatant and takes forever for anything to change. Before the battlepass spam we saw like around 3 massive shifts in balances, with a few options always staying more or less op and usually 80% of all weapons being left to rot, but these days it feels like we get 1 minimal shift per year with just decorative nerfs like -5% to some parameters after offering a +15% fusion to same parameter for two mini passes and stuff like that

DPS weapons are too strong compared to weapons that need to charge or reload. Spray and pray weapons are way more better than any accuracy weapon. Huge weapons can’t tank enough dps fire to be super viable.

Especially now that they threw away years of fine tuning with their armor change update and once again 80% of weapons just plain out suck and everyone uses the 20% of guns that still overperform to this day.

They’re never going to fix anything and will just pump up balance changes that are mostly cosmetic and for show so they can pretend they’re doing anything while milking whale money

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The fact that you listed the exact combination of MG + Shotgun + melee means only one thing.

You play a long-range build and have yet to learn how to play against short-range builds. I only play a single long-range build and struggled as a new player by being ignorant of positioning vs them. Now they’re never ever a problem.

I’m not going to teach you how to play - just know that there are many good strategic answers against the above 3 and weaknesses of theirs to exploit. Ask someone how you can improve instead of thinking your skill imbalance is game imbalance.

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When do they release this next skill update? I hope they improve my skill with wheels, and nerf my skill with melee. I’m pretty skilled with that melee schit.

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Stealth. Skinnered. Jormungandr and Nidhogged.

Avalanche with Averter shot off before the skinner released and before my gun even reloaded.

Tell me how “positioning” would have solved this when my 2K HP gun was shot off less time for the skinner to detach?

Long range builds are useless in this game, you make no sense at all.
You can get a few hits in when the enemies approach, and then you get chewed up.


I think that whatever you’re using, the matchmaker does it’s best to make that useless…or useful, depending on how much resources you’ve gorged yourself with, at least as far as regular PVP goes. In PVE (Patrols) the bots get overtly enthusiastic about you if you’re doing too well.

Overall, the melee pandemic is making PVP a bit low-brow and dumb, but I’ll tell you what is kicking my melee to the curb, and that’s the GL-55 (soon to be nerfed), or the Emily. Kids using those tend to do well against my melee horror. Kids that aren’t get gobbled up. Especially if they still think reverse is the counter to a rushing maw full of maulers. It’s not.

At the end of the day though, it’s really about team work. Teams vs randoms is pretty rough on us randoms no matter what you’re running, or what they’re running (mostly melee or spider META).

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Especially arty or Hurricanes. You’re a mild nuisance that can be ignored most of the time. You tank no damage. And if somebody gets in your face, you’re done.

I have been noticing that the teams with the most arty lose most often.

I just think that this game is way too mobile and on the move for most of the guns it has because of their stupid stupid stupid stupid I can not stress it enough stupid supercharged idea, which also explains the current meta of machineguns, miniguns, rapid fire machinguns and autocannons that are basically machineguns.

Most guns worked to an acceptable sucky degree when the game was a bit more slower paced but now hitting anything is twice as hard, while the meta guns hit way harder than anything because they can hit continuously on the move with minimal setbacks and just hover a mouse over something and that area takes constant damage.

They changed the whole game but supernerfed almost all weapons that aren’t things like shotguns and the ones listed above. And then armor changes happened and now sucky guns suck even more and dps weaponry is even more effective

I play arty a lot, and unlike Hurrican’ts it’s a game winner. I can give you my perception of it:

-Most randoms DO NOT look at their team’s composition and play like I’m not here. You’re a shotgunner and you just rammed a bot full speed? Congrats, you blew up half your bumper’s dura to take out a bot out of my 5k dmg volley.

-Most randoms would rather die than pay attention to their minimap and/or not rush. I spend 50% of my random games running around trying to peel a dude of my ass. A dude that straight up beelined towards me in the middle of our lines, sometimes withot even a cloak.

-Most randoms will aggressively push you out of the way everytime you slow down to aim. You’re a shotgunner and you drove throught your arty to go die faster in melee? Congrats, another 5k dmg volley not going onto target.

I do end up last survivor of my team, running around 1v3 a lot. But unlike a Hurrican’t I’m usually sitting on 1500+ score which is typically 10 times the score of the second human player who’s dead and complaining in the chat that I should SD, so I don’t SD. I sometimes clutch, too. shrugs

A very easy way to play around the strength of your arty is to not engage in sterile all-in fight 30s into the game when you are in numerical inferiority, but instead to defend and wait for the inevitable greedy opponent who will overextend for your arty.

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Pretty much playing artillery in a nutshell

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Like you play Turrets. You place your first Turrets in the fight wherever that ends up being and run to enemy base. 30 seconds later.
A. Your team is all dead in 30 seconds or mostly dead.
B. Things look good, you head back behind the enemy and leave your Turrets for them to drive into, but your teammates pass you, pass your Turrets, race into the enemy and die while your Turrets expire with no targets. Now you defend home base 1v4 or worse. Lead the enemy into Turrets! Defend the base when you have the base capture lead! Do not run in and die and lose!


Sokath, his eyes uncovered

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You described it perfectly except you forgot the shot gunner inevitably sends you a whisper “worthless arty”. Even though he got 200 for a score.

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lmao how could I even forget that? Usually a clanner in a team. Prob spent 500€ into the game for 2 fused Athena and believes he’s a god when he wins three games against Rust players at the bottom of Bronze league.

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