Master cabin

i think this cabin should tell you the durability of your weapons / items attached to the nodes on itself.
not just for this cabin but also for the kronos as well.
why? because id like to know how low in durability some of my weapons / parts get so i can properly use the skill of the cabin to help restore some durability to my parts. sure i can use the sparks to tell when my weapons are getting low but some weapons have alot of durability and id want to know how low they are so i can better utilize my cabins perk.

anyone else think so to?

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I have to agree with this idea.

Currently I just use it upon CD, it would add a depth of strategy to the cabin that is lacking.

A very good idea, probably the best I have seen involving the Master so far

Sadly it also seems like this part like many others from past battlepasses are left to rotten and purposely forgotten, like Vulture, Thresher, Enlightment, Nest and so on