*match maker* fix please devs 😘

yup, this is the topic that needs the most attention…

good thing i had higher ps to cover my arse…

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I’d pay good money to get matches like that all the time.
I haven’t screenshotted (is that a word) a match lately, but for a while, I was getting 7k powescore spreads with me at the bottom. Like… why am I here? LOL

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i almost think theres a hidden stat , like casual mmr in rocket league . ill have a few good matches then the match maker decides to punish me by putting me at a 3k disadvantage

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Am I missing something?
The PS spread on your team is about 1300, and while the other team’s spread is even smaller, your team has more people towards the top of the scale, and it looks like if you added up the total PS for each team it would be pretty similar.

What exactly is the problem?
Do people really think the spread needs to be smaller than that?

When I play at that PS level, I expect a spread of at least 2kPS between lowest player and highest, and sometimes as much as 3kPS. And of course once you get above 10k you’re usually seeing a spread of 3kPS minimum, and often higher.

That screenshot has great PS ranges.

What are you expecting them to be?

If I got that every time I would be happy.

I think that spread looks amazing.
It should make for some pretty fair matches.

If the point spread where always that good then no one would have anything to complain about.

I will say that the bigger spread that I’m used to is likely due to playing mostly during off hours. I played at that PS for a while Saturday evening and most matches had less than 1000PS spread, only a few getting close to 2000.

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i guess i’m mostly use to seeing the 8k bots fill in. i never had so many 9k’s in a match.
and never i been the only 7k.

i’m guessing the mm took me to fill the 8k spot,that makes more sense. :crazy_face:

but looking like a seal in a match is not that fun.
you have to realize the higher ps you go the higher the weps and hp go up in most cases.
just more difficult to run maces,or ‘challenging’ :rofl:

I totally understand your point. But I would say that it is working as intended or not a bug.
7000 faces up 8000, 8000 faces up to 9000. So, based on the 8000 PS middle guys, the MM was perfect.


I mean, your build is basically 8kPS, so that looks like a normal match to me.
Also, notice how the the low PS players on both sides outperformed many of the higher PS builds?

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I think maybe some of you guys are playing a completely different game than I am… I mean… if I got a game with a 2k PS spread, I’d be just giddy with delight.

This match wasn’t even that bad…

Note how it’s using 3 bots to bridge the gap between me & everyone else on my team.
It did the same thing with the bottom guy on the other team.

So, I’m running a mostly fused dual Fat Man/Hadron/King/KA2 hover clearly matched up against dudes running relics or very heavy legendaries.

The result… I mean… not bad if you ask me, even though we lost.

It’s an ugly hover-turd.


I’m not even going to say what I think of the dude with the try-hard 17903PS build dying within seconds of the match opening. :poop: :face_vomiting:

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that’s higher ps…
13k and higher is all endgame.
so your going to get any or all ps ranges after 12k

basically your all using relics and some legendary.

how do we all stay in perimeter of our color coded weps?
i know you all can’t understand the basics,it’s ok… :crazy_face:

(are you really going to mount a white wep and try to fight in 17k ? )

now for each color you see (tell us what you think what PS each color should be within)

id really like to see someone successfully build that high with white weapons , since weapons are a large chunk of power score but i get the point behind the example

we need more players at all power scores to reduce the spread , i see 1300 spread as low as 4k fairly often

The fun part of Crossout is that you can do dumb things like use white items in too high of a PS.
Or bring legendary items into low PS.
Keeps things diverse and interesting!

That’s easy.

These colors fall on the brackets.
But that is a different thread.

Carry on and keep on topic

Well, like I said, that’s a dual fatman build. It’ll more than hold its own at that PS since it all but fires continuously.
It’ll apparently do okay at 17k as well. :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:

I get that PS spread at lower PSs, too… next time I get to play, I’ll try to catch a screenshot of it.