Match making filter and OP retchers bots only for match bigger 15K

Problem with match making PS needs filter for PS, hapens that players who have 9k play with players 15-17k its really unfriendly for new players, right thing will be filter where you choice range of PS and if not be players wil be fulled by AI. Retchers OverPower bots killing weapons on 1 shots, hapens that retchers shooting on very long range and only 1 or 2 granades from OP retchers bots destroy half of your vehicle, this disgusting thing should be delete from PVE match or Retchers bots appear only for match 15k and bigger for relics players.

This happens all the time. The developers consider a player “experienced” at engineer 10 (it might be 30) and you go into the pool with all the other “experienced” players.

The MM then seems (i do not have any evidence of this) to match you into a game, preferring speed over PS. Many times your next games (providing you do not leave the lobby) are “usually” (again no evidence for this) much tighter PS ranges, with a few outliers.

I play on xbox.

Yeah, there is a tipping point where they just give up on the PS matchup, as for the Retcher bot… I find it’s a fair build…Retchers unto itself does big numbers if left unchecked.

Take in as good enough about your build and try to make it so the bot need a couple volley’s to take your weapons

Very contentious subject, this is. I will add, that I agree that PS is not the only factor the matchmaker considers, and that matches are customized based on hidden statistics, and not at all random, like they are advertised to be.

I think that the scope of these hidden parameters start very narrow at low power-scores, widen as you increase power-score, and then balloon outwards significantly after 9K.

I also believe that these basic parameters are set much wider in Patrol, than they are in regular PVP, and to my experience were very tight at 6K in Confrontation mode (those few times I actually had access to it).

Whatever the case, there are no “random” pvp matches, based solely on Engineers level and power-score in this game. Of that I am certain. I hadn’t considered speed as a regulatory device, but that sounds like a reasonable feature to ad as a modifier, at least in regards to map selection.

It can be manipulated as a system (because there is one). Rotate your builds. Don’t play the same rig over and over. When player populations are low on-line, the matchmaker struggles, and game-play sucks. I think this would be the case regardless of the system utilized, and that cannot be helped. However, they do update this hidden system along with regular updates, so aspects (like map selection, for example) improve or at least change periodically.

And finally…Brackets schmackets. I think that system is out-dated and obsolete.

i feel bots should not have retchers period. the fact retchers can do such high damage and bots have pinpoint accuracy is ridiculous. ive had my backside wiped off by bot retchers in 2 bursts before and its just irritating how broken bots are with them.

retchers have explosion damage. most weapons and parts dont last long from retchers. i get that people should pay attention to their surroundings but sometimes people get caught up in all the action. i try to take out retchers right off the bat with my arbiters or any weapons i have. but the damage output of retchers can really hurt no matter what weapons you run. even cannons take a ton of damage.

No. What I mean is when you first join the lobby, the MM prioritizes getting you into a match (speed of match making) because the people you would “normally” be matched against… are of course already in battles. That is why the PS range narrows up (again just how it “feels” to me, no hard data proof) if you don’t leave the lobby and reque right away.

If you leave the lobby like me to take 20 minutes to move one part back and forth then rejoin, it will again prioritize speed instead of PS range.