Match making mechanics questions

I run sub 2499 ps with the 2499 hard ps cap. BUT I been finding players up to 2700-2799 below the 2499 cap SO I am wondering how they are getting into matches in PS group too low for them to actually be in. OFTEN these builds are shotty wedges OR OP weapons that don’t belong in the lower ps ranges. AND thus basically solo that match. because nothing can do enough damage before they shotty you to death. as example.

At these low PS even 200-300 ps difference above the hard ps limits can make the difference between evenly matched and being seal clubbed.

I have even dropped my ps all the way down to 1803 and still seeing those that do NOT belong in our matches at that low of PS AKA 2703 for example when I was 1803.

SO I am wondering how this is happening because its NOT following the match making procedures. THis is ON PSN platform and KNOW from experience PC and PSN work a little differently when it comes to match making.

I am running 2 unfused maces , 2 unfused small tracks and the sprinter cab sitting on top of unfused tank and fuel barrel. and for armor have 4 large avia panels and twin blade wing and blade wing for front and back bumpers/stabilizers. 1 ruby radar.
grizzly as copilot.
2493 power score with dura 429

Fair build, NO seal clubber. hit and fade tactics. specialty disarming. lose even 1 track and lose mobility. spins like a top at high speed with only one track.

It’s because the x999 cap doesn’t actually exist, despite the insistence from some players that it does.

Whatever PS you build at, the MM will put you in a match that is with people +/- a certain PS from yours. Sometimes you end up in the bottom, sometimes at the top, often in the middle.
The range is typically smaller the lower your PS, but this does seem to be variable if not many people are online in that PS.
Once you get above 10kPS, the range can get quite large, although definitely doesn’t mean that the lowest PS player can’t still get MVP in a match where the heavyweights are a few thousand above them.

Edit: are you above level 30 engineer? If so, you are now separated from the beginner players, and there aren’t going to be as many experienced players in that low PS. This means longer wait times for games, and that the matchmaker will struggle to find enough players without widening the PS range. I like low PS, but I find the queue times too long.
Put a generator and some cooling on your build, get the PS a bit higher maybe? And consider losing the fuel tanks. Strapping bombs to your build makes things much more frustrating.

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There’s no actual hard cap. I’ve been playing 6000 PS and having 8500 PS in my team.

Players do not “choose” to be matchmade with higher on lower PS players anyway. The problem is the small playerbase.


I wasn’t talking about the beginner protection caps.

I was talking about post engineer 30.

its usually full house. what I have NOTICED is these 2700 are running with the SAME people every match i see them in. so its a preselect team group.

the match making is BROKEN on PSN when it comes to PVT vs PVP. due to NOT having enough players to have separate cue for TvT.

PSN fav is preselect teams running seal clubber builds against randoms. where nearly every single match is against randoms that they face. And because they are farming fuel its nearly impossible to avoid them. and being infant clubbed by the same preselect group every single match once paired against them. OR score too high on few prior matches. Then every match after you wind up against them. drop out for hour come back if they are still running fuel farming your cued against them after single match or two AGAIN.

THis is a problem for anything above 2499 switching ps brackets don’t help. because the match making on PSN is truly broken. and most players are like well if can’t beat them join them in basically bullying everyone else around as a group of prearranged bullies running together. .

I have NO issues with players wanting to run with their friends etc . I take issue when we are FORCED against our will to be their victims in their seal and infant clubbing wasting my time and energy trying to progress in the game so I can actually fight these teams on even footing and beating them with skill.

I am already taking out teams of 2 using inferior gear. as long as below certain PS threshold. Thus why am pushing for a option in settings that lets you select how many in pre-select teams your willing to face. when running randoms PVP. ESPECIALLY FOR PSN and any other platform that has the same problem. PC doesn’t.

Well that’s not what your original post was about.
Anyway, maybe make some friends and play in a group yourself? Or find a PS where there are enough players that you’re not going to be facing the same group over and over?
There are options available.

I’m on PS4 by the way.

poony4u I do NOT have enough gear to move to other PS brackets. SO I am stuck with them or forced to quit because they are fuel farming when running preselect groups.

like today there were 3 preselect groups minimum running 2499 under using sparker no less. which doesn’t belelong in sub 2499 to begin with.

ALSO i never specified sub engineer 30 in “OP” SOMEONE ELSE DID. SO i was clarifying that it wasn’t sub 30 engineer. where this is being observed.

OPTIONS are only available to those with parts galore. and I can’t run with groups I get dissed too often when I do. far more than when running solo. AND you get booted from group if network fails.

ITS better to just have the option to opt out So your NOT having to constantly quit just because seal clubber preselect are running amuck.

IF they are farming fuel for hours on end you do RUN into them if you drop out and recue your forced to face them again and again the match after. mainly to do with how short matches are to begin with. and how long you have to wait to get into a match. between those two you might avoid them for one match but after that one you cue against them again.

I been using those option you claim exist and its NOT working I am spending way to much time just cueing and dropping matches back to back when 2-3 preselect groups are running.

The sub 2499 is the most consistent ps level for non preselect. every other bracket if loaded with preselect.

What does “preselect” mean?
Also, how are you at level 30 and can’t play above 3000? Not to be mean, but if you’re playing semi regularly and doing your daily challenges, you should be able to grind out some special weapons or cabins. Do you not have a generator yet?
Also, you need to remember the matchmaker doesn’t have hard limits. Nothing stops anyone from bringing a legendary weapon into low PS, but to do that, they need to skimp on armour. Attack them aggressively and they will fall.

people who group together before cuing for a match so they are always on the same team and its worse if they are playing with mic, they can pre-plan how to do matches so when they face randoms randoms rarely survive. because they fight 4 on 1 kill quick move to next one. and cover each others with pre-planning that randoms have NO time to do before match starts.

Its a major advantage against randome generated player based teams. pvt instead of pvp or tvt.

go to map page look lower right see your avatar and 3 boxes. select friends to go in those boxes up to 4 grouped together then cue for pvp together as a “pre-selected group” and on PSN they usually face random player generated teams AKA PvT player vs team. unless your a player with killer op seal clubber you don’t stand a chance beating the pre-selected team. because random player team is too uncoordinated even if they stick together. .

Worse if you manage to kill one or two they target you every match after for threatening their easy free fuel farming. As punishment and retaliation. to get you to quit. because you WILL NOT stand against 4 targeting and firing on you all at once. take too much damage too fast.

It used to exist for sure. There were tons of builds at the PS marks. Now I think its more like… within X (2500ps? maybe?) amount of the median PS. Sliding scale percentage maybe. (higher the PS the higher the gap possibility)

It changed about the same time the game moved to 6 players on xbox.

I think the MM has been considerably loosened the last year to year and half.

Again, I have zero evidence, this is just how it “feels”

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I also used to see more people running builds that looked like they were trying to manipulate the brackets, but I never actually saw any evidence it worked. Maybe I haven’t been playing for long enough, but that still means they changed the system many years ago.

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