Matches to join with balance of dps and support..or free for all?

i think it’s getting out of hand when joining matches,as of now it’s all support or all dps…
this is just lazy and ur gonna lose…
so…make matches where you need’ 4 dps and 4 support’ to enter the match…

no more free for all…
all matches are in the end are 8vs 1…or 8 vs 2…

if they just make entry to a match dps or support,it would be better and more of a game then this…
i dont mind free for all,maybe thats an event,but when playing daily pvp, we need some dps and support…
so…why not make matches where you can only have ‘something like’ 4 dps and 4 support only…
every game does this because they add too many weps in game and you can’t balance that…
all you true gamers know what i’m talking about…you played that at some point…
don’t you think it would work better here now that they gave us to many diff play style weps n support ?

Please no restrictions on random PvP missions.

This is the place where we get a chance to relax and just mess around.

Play CWs if you want it to be more competitive.

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actually…now that you said that…cw can apply these rules as well…for balance…thx monkey for your support :rofl:

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I like the free for all aspect of Crossout. I also don’t think we have a big enough player base for distinct roles. Even Overwatch has very long queue times if you want to play DPS. Not to mention that a big part of what’s great about Crossout is that we can make vehicles that perform a few different roles.

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Great idea! Let’s include clan wars too :slight_smile: lol


Nice try though… you sneaky little muddy beer devil you

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don’t be these people though…

Yeah, I agree, that scorp build looks awful. Lol :joy:

J/k man - party on brother!

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I vote no to this idea.

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:heart: 7999 would not even be a midsize one. :heart:

Yust do 8 fockn Kills and you are fine (LINK)

Still…all support and little Dps. or little support and all dps…what team would You be On.?
we need to change this for better matches.soo…

You get what you get.

The day they limit what kind of builds can join a PvP mission is the day I stop playing PvP missions.

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tired of losing in a landslide? you give up yet?still want unbalanced matches?..
or should they give this a good look at? … :upside_down_face:

Still no.