Mayhem MM broken?

2000 rating on one side, 3200 rating on the other, plus a group. Shouldn’t groups be limited to 4? If so, shouldn’t the <100 players be switched to make two 2600 teams?

I was starting to think they aren’t using any in the event, I noticed this too. However most of the matches I’ve been in have been pretty good regardless of that. Are you not having good luck in the matches with the lower rating scores on one side?

I’m a newbie, only about 700 missions total (pvp). I thought I was decent at 30% MVP but it took a lot of games for me to get to silver (129 mayhem games) so I am going to give up here. Teams are great and effective, but when playing solo and getting matched against them several times in a row is too rough.

I’ve been playing for years and only care if the game is good.

Personally, the gamemode is fun but I don’t think the rewards are even worth anything imo and unless you pride in being on a leaderboard, I don’t really see the point of trying to rank up for so little rewards.

Let alone that the 5 builds given in the gamemode are not even balanced properly, carriage > everything else.

Not so sure about that. Carriage is good, but it also blows up or gets degunned extremely fast by simply shooting CoM, and it’s very easy to flip with the Toadfish.

I’d say carriage, toad, and the flamer ar relatively balanced. The bombard is whatever, and the inci is just awful (I’m bad at incis, ok, but everybody’s just way too fast here.)

I’ve been playing mostly toad, it’s timing and staying outside of shot range mostly… The toad will flip almost anything other than the cannon however if you can get behind that it’s an easy kill. Flames are hard to deal with unless you have number advantage.

I mean ja, theyre not all bad, what I meant is carriage is the easiest to play and amongst most effective all rolled into one, sure if you’re good at snipping toadfish is decent but ive seen and degunned more toadfishes than seen cariages (or myself) being flipped or degunned by toadfishes.
I found the gamemode fun but only wanted the axe banner reward so I just went carriage all the way when the event was still early.

nah,just play it for the 9 brawls u need,thats what everyone does.

I feel the carriage is a case of
-lock carriage first and never let it go
-feed a bunch of kills to the enemy team with it
-rage at team but keeps locking carriage because maybe it’ll work the 16th time
-still get top score because the other weapons deal no damage.

I really don’t think it’s the easiest to play in the grand sceme of things. Sure it feels great to play and deals lots of damage. But I just lost one game and almost another one, and I’ll 100% blame in on the carriage players. I tried to play flamer but it was literally impossible with the ram-happy carriage friends. Got rammed multiple times in both games by allied degunned carriages who had no f*cking business doing anything else than driving away from the fight to suicide. Instead of getting 1 kill, we gave their teams 2 kills, many times.

Honestly for most people, going fast in that mode = feeding more points to the enemy.

I grinded the previous mayhems with pleasure, but this… holy crap. What a drunken pointless ramfest. And the scrap reward is so bad too for 10 mins games. I don’t want to have to instalock the carriage like a tryhard every game because otherwise someone will throw the game with it.
… Reading it again, I guess you are right. It’s indeed the most powerful build, but also the easiest to feed with. A terrible combination that makes playing this event quite unenjoyable.

As a side note, I also got rammed off my prey by a god damn allied cannon while trying to play flamer. We both died. Screw this gamemode lol.

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The carriage basically comes down to: Good for capping and finishing off enemies on their own. If in a big fight, get out of the fight and flee because you’re a free kill to anyone bar the catapult due to being excessively fragile. Anyone using the carriages in direct combat is being an idiot at best.

It’s only good because the builds bar the flamer are so bad. The toadfish build knocks enemies away from their allies more often than they knock enemies on their side for their allies to kill. The cannon is too slow to be effective in any situation bar defenses with other allies backing them up. The catapult is a free kill to anyone that gets close to it.

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It is easiest to play, it’s just that like you mentionned people dont play it as intended and make it fail because they failed as individuals not because of the build per say. AKA more people go to it so you end up with higher of both wins and loses.
But for the matches ive done we won mainly because we were mostly carriages playing their role correctly. I had these few people ramming and derbying like fools like you mentionned but nothing crazy, plus carriage is good for these situations, you can just stay furter away if needed and still be effective. Like you don’t even need to brawl in general unless youre flamer obv.

Maybe from the competition going rn in the mode its harder period to do anything but when it first started it was like I mentionned.