MBT Turret Weapon Idea

I think there should be a Main Battle Tank turret, with an autonomous MG commander turret on top. The MBT turret will consume 12 energy. The Durability can be a thousand or more(Based on rarity). The legendary version will do half as much damage as the Avalanche, but have the shell speed and velocity of an auto cannon (because MBT cannons in real life can fire up to a mile away).
The autonomous MG on top will target hostile cabs drones, and mines like the old Caucasus turrets did, or like the bots. A perk possibility could be the ability to swap between control of the MG or main turret with the press of a button. The MG of course shares health with the main turret.
These are the rarities that could be possible(BTW the damage scales up or down with rarity). A relic T90 turret with auto Punisher, legendary T80 turret with auto Aspect, epic T72 turret with auto Spectre, special T62 with auto Sinus, and a rare T54 turret with an auto Vector. These are just a suggestion, the devs can decide which shape or form they can take.
This is not necessarily a Clan Wars grade weapon, but I think it would be a fun weapon for having fun with in raids or pvp, and to have in your collection.
What do you guys think?

I think they’d be more suited for Abrams turrets… That’s what the tank tracks are from (if I remember correctly).

But I had QUITE LITERALLY the exact same idea. Great minds think alike.

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Did you know: Dumb minds think alike as well xD

No disrespect to other answers and answer writers here, they are all correct,
but so far, it seems that I’m the only one answering who was actually a tank commander.
At more advanced stages of my service I was a tank platoon leader and tank company commander.
Thank you for the share this post.
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You just don’t want to get shit on by an M1A3 Abrams

A single cannon with a caucus tinking out minimal damage? Ill bee ok methinks.

If it’s anything like an actual M1A3 turret, you’d be fearing for your life if it came around the corner. Then again, cannons are shit in this game.

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