Meatgrinders/Augers suck

When u compare the size, durabilty, speed, and mass to other parts, it becomes clear grinders need more than just a handling buff. Their perk is basically pointless. They get no dmg resistance like the other beefy movement parts. Devs, please help!!

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I was sure they had at least some melee resistance, don’t they?

I like meat grinders, but I agree they are weak compared to the other strafing parts. However, as someone who uses them a lot, a handling buff is at the top of my list of needed changes.

It’s possible that after the incoming handling buff that they may need some other kind of buff, but handling needs to be improved first.

Edit: another problem is power drain, which is part off handling. Dual augers work well on some builds at lower and mid PS, but quad builds are just too slow to compete at higher PS. Even with Pegasus, the acceleration with more than two is just way too slow.

Did you go on the test server and try them?

I wish - no way for PlayStation players to get to the test server. If I could, I would be offering so much feedback on changes.
Anyone else had a chance to see how tracks, augers, and rollers feel?

That has always been a problem with them. They used to be good on smaller builds but i havent ever seen them good at high power scores. The acceleration curve for them has always been terrible with 3 or more.

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Yeah, I’ve tried a lot of quad and six auger builds, and it’s like trying to drive a building.
Three auger builds work ok, but I don’t like the look.

I don’t agree that the perk is useless though. I’ve had lots of matches where I lost my guns but continued to be a minor threat to the enemy because of them. And it does help against close range builds. I love when someone tries to ram me, and they lose their front end instead.

Their prk is really strong since the buff. Besides that, I generally agree that they’re good at low PS, garbage at high PS/CW. I can only suggest raising their PS some more but reducing their power drain/buffing their dura a bit.

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You guys use them more than I, so maybe i underestimate the perk. I just know when i test drove some recently, I did hardly any damage to a small SG build i had sitting out

The mass of your vehicle increases the amount of damage it does, and I think speed does too.
Of course if you hit a bumper, the melee resist will mean you don’t do much.

But yeah, you’re not going to be able to use augers as a primary weapon. More useful as defence, letting enemies hurt themselves when they try to wedge you or ram you.

dual augers are more prone to wobble and flipping which is the same as small tracks if your build isnt wide enough. i got rid of mine long ago because i hated how they handled so poorly and are easy to flip .

I used to run 4 side by side, Then back to 2. Now those 2 are collecting dust in my inventory for several years.

They need a huge handling buff, more dura and a PS reduction.

Have you tried them on the test server? I’m very curious about how the buff feels.