Medium, heavy, or light?

-tummy growl-

I’ve got a fused growl (had to do something with all the untradeable ones I kept getting), but I never play it. The blue cabins I do play are Jockey (it looks cool), Carapace (makes good tanks), wyvern (got a nice CK for it), and trucker (also got a nice CK). I might pick up a Hot Rod at some point, as it is also a handsome rare cab.

You forget the trucker as heavy melee and sometimes bastion/ermak as heavy melee

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Phones being buggy.

My fav type has always been the Med cabs

Ghost has been my long time favorite every since it came out.

Well, true, now. After eons of Growlfest… Although Trucker/Bastion are only used as melee though. 99% of all other weapons is on growl. (I’m talking about up to 6K PS)

Trucker is “OverPowered” with borers in los PS = all heavy cabins are extremelly “OverPowered” and must recive nest level of nerfs (including, but not limited to, the removal of one more energy point) oh, and also, half-ing the speed of all heavy cabins…

I’m just waiting this tread to become a plebit logic fight which does not believe the facts that opose their argument actually exists…

After they f****d up the speed of most medium cabins, I’ve been running either light or heavy and not the mediums inbetween. I’m not a fan of what the legendary medium cabins have done to the game either, so I avoid those in general. I miss the speed on the Howl or Torero a lot.


Right now I’m using Heavy cabins the most. I also make frequent use of Medium Cabins.
I exclusively use Bastion for hard raids.
One of my quazi art builds uses the trucker Cabin.
I use Humpback and Cohort for high PS.
Beholder for my Arbiter, Imp, and Cyclone cars.
Bear Cabin for another quazi art build.
Fury cabin for yet another quazi art build. This build is for easy raids.

Light cabin:
Aggressor for Awakening weekly challenge.

In CW, I almost exclusively play heavy cabins. Heavy-ish meds at best. I find the ability to crash 22 tons, 5k cab dura into opponents at 80+ kmh is largely worth an energy point most of the time. My power fused Cohort is a blast to play, great accel and awesome cab dura. My mass fused Humpback is sluggish in comparison, but that perk is so strong… +45% damage on Kaiju volleys with Falcons against melees, I’ll take it.
I’m considering buying one Ermak to try. Didn’t like Echo before its nerf, it was too medium-ish for me, especially with Mammoths, the cab dura was pathetic. Icebox’s perk isn’t as strong now that Typhoon isn’t the top dog anymore, and Yoko and Machinist are kinda bad. Yoko feels a bit better since we got Sabbaths, the speed nerf, and the codriver rework tho; but both cabs have pretty bad shapes, perks, welding points, and unimpressive stats.

I feel Machinist and Ermak’s perks should get the %/charge swapped. 8% resist/charge for Ermak, 10% for Machinist. Oh, well…


heavy cab for me
I basically run the worst possible setups, 2x mammoths on a massive tracked god fused humpy(mass limit+reduced mass), although these days I am actually having better luck with mammoth+reaper combination.
for lower PS I have a MAZ art build with 2 prosecutors, or a trucker art build with 2 prosecutors or I have its front swapped for 3 borers to join the trucker borer swarm.

I have looked into exes but from testing them in the range I can only determine that they are an outright downgrade as of now

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