Medium, heavy, or light?

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Which cabin type do you play the most?

Edit: if you play a variety of cabin types, which type do you enjoy the most?

I play the Torero mostly, so it’s kind of a weird one as it’s fast as hell, but also heavier than the true light cabs by about 1000-2000 kgs, depending on which fused version I use. I feel like a ton of cabins fall into this weird in-between, also with some heavier mediums and lighter heavies. Meh, words :\

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Mediums are a weird category, because some are close to light, and others more like peppy heavy cabins.
They are also pretty versatile, and seem popular among more competitive players.
Myself, I play mostly light, and then heavy when I need a break. There are a few medium cabins I like though, like beholder, hadron, and omnibox.

In raids its as heavy as possible, for missions I prefer light just for the hit-and-run builds.

This poll is kind of unfair, I play a mix of everything.

All “cab types” are viable depending on the weapons and movement parts used.

At high PS (14k+) your going to see all types used.

Lately I have been building with Hadron a lot, but that’s just because it’s newer.

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Heavies in general are not doing too great, some of them do, especially in specific builds, but for the most part the -1 energy and slow speed is a too big of a nerf to whatever positive the heavy cabin would bring to the table. Other cabs are just so much more versatile compared to heavies, and heavy builds themselves are much worse than faster, more agile builds almost under any general situation

They are not useless, but much more limiting than other cabs, and most of the time if you want to do a build with a heavy cab, you’ll find a version with a light or medium cab that does the same job as well as the heavy build (excluding stuff like skinner draggers etc), with the added bonus that the other cab can be used in so many more other kinds of builds the heavy can not, being a better choice financially to many players who aren’t swimming in coins or have access to dad’s credit card.

Aesthetically though I like heavies the most though, big “powerful” beasts of machines and heavy machinery that sadly aren’t that beastly performance wise most of the time

There should be a second pole asking which would you LIKE to play the most…
I play light because I play lower PS, where 11 energy is enough and I try to keep my PS in some limits. So … Growl and more Growl. It’s THE most used cabin. Unbalanced energy, easy to build around, really fast AND low PS…
Do I like it? No.
I would be happy if it was nerfed to 10 energy so I can finally meet some Bears, Jockeys and other rare cabs… Last time I met a Wyvern was… damn… can’t remember even.
What I like is heavy, but usually forced to go light.


Yeah you tell 'em Monkey! I do the same!

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i don’t see anything wrong with having this poll…
do you use a certain cabin the most on any ps level?..pretty simple…
if you a play a mix of everything,there has to be something that you use the most…pretty simple…
should of been worded…Which cabin type do you like to play the most?..
which has been on the forums alot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I edited my original post, as I’m really more interested in what people enjoy playing the most. I guess I just assumed that other people are like me, and play the cabins they like the most more often.

Depending on the guns and play style I’m trying to achieve would depend on the cabin I would choose.

I’m not going to be like “I like light cabins so I’m only building with light cabins.” No, I’m more like “what is the best cabin that will do what I want this build to do.”

Some weapons work well on a bunch of different cabins. Each serves a different roll. I’m not stuck on one play style.

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I play all of them but most of my dailies are done in light cabs, raids in a medium. Mediums and heavies tend to be for fun side projects.

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Sabbath wheels have done a lot to help heavy cabs feel more spry.


I play medium cabs most. Then it’s a toss up of light and heavy cabs. Usually I play heavies far more than light cabs. Not this week though. This week I’ve been playing around a lot with the Deadman cab almost exclusively.

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Well, you know me.
My lighter build has around 7.5 tons, a functioning 7.5 heavy growl cabin…well it used to function.
I played a lot of medium builds, my most played type of build… up until now. i have to revised every single one of them.
Meanwhile i’m taking my first steps with heavy builds and i’m enjoying for the most part.
Yeah, they aren’t fast, the 1 less point of energy it’s very limiting but they have what was missing in my medium builds. And i don’t need all that speed anyways.

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Or with the cabs they have.
I bought Fav cab and with it i made my most success build ever ( the 10 K one ), the truth is even before the co drivers rework i was thinking in scrapping it in favour of a spider cab (more tonnage and mass limit) and the possibility of correcting some concessions i had to make due to low weight and tonnage limit.
I tried doing that with the echo cabin but i couldn’t upscale it right. with Spider should be easier.
I made a new one with Machinist and i’m digging it

Have you tried legs yet? ML-200s are more fun than you’d think, and relatively cheap.

I’m tempted but it can take a while, this all rework thing delayed me a bit.
tank tracks, colossus, golden eagle, protectors/ vindicators, and finally a TOW.
other reason i don’t put legs higher up in the list it’s because i’m always bullying spiders around, pinning them down against stuff.
Perhaps if i put ligrams i could, because in wheel mode they can just plow trough everything, at least is my experience against them in medium builds (i don’t know if this translate with heavy builds, if they can push heavy builds).

I have a wyvern coupling build. Maybe you have met us in 4k?

Rarely play at 4K now, usually 5-6. But no, didn’t meet you there. Nice that someone uses it.
All I get in 5-6K are Growls and more Growls. I 4K it’s the same.

Crossout: Craft, ride, destroy…
More like Crossout: Craft Growl, ride Growl, destroy growl.