Memories from the game

This is one of my Warpigs.
The Storm Chaser ( PVP and PVE). ( in action during the propeller event january 2023)
A evolution of 5k/6k designs, refined to perfection or close to it.

And these are two stripped down variations of my Storm Chaser used exclusively for Operation Radiance ( February 2023). One for stability

Soon to be abandoned in favour of cheer velocity.

The thing is, it was a long campaign ( i did it back to back) and as the operation against the Ravegers went on, all kind of things started to happened
Mechanics abusers (hovers with reapers), people with full armoured PVP builds, and hundred of teams unable to get through the very first gate.
So i went with my stripped down version, optimized for speed with everything exposed and very little to call as armour to PVP…and well…

Here some examples of what i would never expect.

Do you have some similar tale?

Nope… :frowning:

All of the builds I have had exceptionally much fun were ruined by developers sniffing each others farts until brain rot and then rolling out stupid updates one after the other.

Ever since the supercharged update I have not had as much fun as before it, there are some ok moments here and there but honestly all my fond memories are from before the wheeled build holocaust that happened with supercharged. I used to be wheels only-player.

Off of the top of my head, when waltzs first rolled out and people did not like them, I had a hermit wheel cockpit hermes build that did really good and I loved zooming around with missiles, back when you could actually maneuver your car properly

I tried to make this build work after the latest booster changes but it just did not work anymore no matter what I tried, to the point of just selling away my cockpit and boosters because of how dissapointed I was in them

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Big mistake, i’ll never sell again what i have in the inventory.

I bought FAV cab after nerf, so i was aware of that caveat and i as you was very disappointed when i noticed that i could switch for whatever cab and i didn’t notice any difference worth notice.
that cab collected dust in garage for a long time i even had the sell button with my mouse over it.
Tonnage, mass limit it’s ok, i’m using it in two builds with weapons that doesn’t have much to do with it, i had a change of hearts and now i’m going to fuse it for mass limit (but i wont commit the same mistakes i did with Photon cab)

I’ve already got a good enough stock of parts fused so I can juggle parts around without hanging onto everything

I find it makes the game more enjoyable, because I like to play many different builds and guns for some time and then switch, now that I have a few ol’ faithfuls it really helps in keeping the game fresh without having to commit to too many guns

Learned that mistake with Varuns and Astraeus, would have unfused and sold them away if the price of stabilizers would not be so high VS what you get from selling said guns. I liked them more when they came out vs to what they are today, especially Varun was butchered and feels like you need scripts to even play the damn thing these days