Mercenary mode idea

I had an idea for a feature where solo players could offer themselves up as “guns for hire” to random groups who are looking for a specific build style to flesh out their team.
You’d be able to see what the mercenary’s build looks like, and could look at their stats to check if they’re experienced enough or whatever.
To make it more of a mercenary idea, a small amount of each group member’s rewards would go to the hired gun for each match they’re on the team.
I feel like it would make weekends less annoying for people like me who play mostly solo and who aren’t very social in-game. Would also allow people to think more about team composition outside of CW.


just hop in gen chat and say “DPS LFG xPS” Damage per second looking for group (and your ps). Or “support LFG xPS”

It shouldn’t be hard to look for other players to team for battles, raids…etc… Good idea for CW. At times clans can be missing out on CW battle just because they have 1 less player, at lease a friend can join.


I like the idea, but maybe it would be fun as a rework for your friends list. It might help make the friends list a more popular, cooler, or enjoyable feature.

If they wanted to earn extra resources or “special mercenary achievement awards” (decor, paint, horn, badges?), I suggest they be forced to carry an annoying flag that they had to craft like everything else. A “Legendary” mercenary flag could be a pretty cool thing if they did it with their usual style.

They could treat the item (flag or idol) like the fuel tank, but instead of awarding fuel exchangeable for coins, it could award Crosscrowns exchangeable for decor, or they could just feed the achievements into an entirely different tree, with it’s own exclusive rewards.

Maybe they could start a new Faction called the “Samaritans,” and work this mercenary feature in that way. Perhaps a percentage of the experience you earned while displaying their idol or flag fed into their tech tree specifically, opening up crafting opportunities…I sort of expected that to be how all the factions worked (logically). I would have thought that by using a particular faction’s equipment you would gain experience and prestige according to the faction that produced the equipment you were using. Instead, I can be in (whatever that means) the Lunatics faction, but drive a tank and use none of their stuff and still earn experience as a Lunatic. ?

Maybe…(drifted off topic) it would make sense that while in a faction you would earn experience only according to the amount equipment you use that belongs to the faction you’re in? It would encourage builds that had a more defined character. Faction blueprints could be relevant, and that would need a makeover (they’re kinda meh).

Most of the faction trees are dead anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter, but maybe the developers could focus less on Battle Passes that involved extra curricular factions like the Ravens or Founders, and instead did some battle passes for the Lunatics and Fire Starters, Nomads and Dawn’s Children, etc.

A mercenary co-driver might be fun to juice this Mercenary faction with too. In fact the whole idea could be reduced to this being a mercenary co-driver’s perk; While he’s activated, you’re on call (friends list open) and experience earned or awarded (or % of) while serving in this capacity could be fed to the Mercenary faction tree where you could craft exclusively cool mercenary stuff.

You could dress a “Samaritan” (mercenary) faction with a City Works, or Wasteland Sanitation theme, and that might be fun. A first responder theme might make sense too, but a trash truck could be more sinister. A street Sweeper might call for a new melee weapon to be involved (the Founders need this), and maybe that’s too scary right now.

Maybe I found this Mercenary idea too fascinating.


okay, you guys are on to something.

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I could see the idea being useful for cw.

I don’t see it being very useful for regular pvp because the matches are so short anyways.

Well, I was picturing this as something that would put you with the group for longer than just one match.
And while I can see how this would make more sense for CW, the reason it appealed to me is that I’m not very interested in CW, but I do appreciate the team composition aspect of CW, and saw this as a way for loners like me to get more of a taste of playing on a team of builds that compliment each other.
Would also be a way for clans to audition prospective members.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that a lot of Crossout players are loner solo players, except on weekends.

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Poony, I have seen some just invite others to a group. I have also had strangers join me unsolicited. While it isn’t something I am normally into, I would join randoms for an extra payout.

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Hmm guns for hire…How about clans for hire?

Instead of keeping the borefest that is “adventure” mode, we get a new mode, a map with territories for each faction and each of those territories is tied to a resource/resources (new or one of the known ones, doesnt matter).

Clans pledge allegiance to a faction and fight in 8v8 battles consisting of only clan parties in maps tied to the pledged faction/territory.

This is where the mercenary clans can be included and get paid a little extra to join in one faction war or the other!

I havent thought this very through, the idea just popped in my head, but i think it could be something to reinvigorate clan purpose other than just getting uranium and make some room for actual and meaningful clan alliances and rivalries!


I like!

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Me too.

I think the idea has potential.

Hiring yourself out as a mercenary might make a good daily or weekly challenge once the particulars were worked out.

If I was to be critical, however, it could be said that Missions and raids are basically this (mercenary work): You join an alien or random group and get paid for your participation in their struggle.

It might make more sense when applied to clans; like if a clan didn’t have enough active players to run with (as was suggested), they could hire a yahoo to fill in that didn’t belong to any clan, but put their name on a mercenary for hire list. This method might also get people, like me, with no interest in a clan, to actually participate in that affair, and maybe even consider joining one. It might be a good stepping stone into a clan. People could try it out first, and if they didn’t like it, they could just take their name off the for-hire list.

Maybe there needs to be a Generic Mercenary clan that is open for any qualified applicants to join.
What qualifications? IDK. Ask Monkey. Maybe you would have to run a gambit of challenges or special missions that prepared you for the role, and once you graduated you were then eligible to join the Mercenary Faction, and from there could be solicited by other clan leaders to join their clan on a permanent basis.

Cool thread. Inspiring idea.


Nercoing the tread but yes Mercenary Options i would enjoy i keep getting a lot of reqeusts to join people or play for them true the time ive played the game a lot.

But game penalty kinda killing it for me. + if i could have the option i would wane put a few clans in that list. i could fight for.

Because i just enjoy competetive fighting even against freinds.

If poeple know me its probaly because they played against me.

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