Military reserve crate

What are you guys pulling up from the new and improved (not really) crate? Intereted to see if anyone is able to land any uranium at all, which I am doubting greatly

So far I’ve opened 4 and gotten 20 wires from each one

I feel like the rarity tiers of these boxes are a big lie in general, Military reserve does not deserve to be a purple item, blue at best, and the strategic reserve a white one rather than a light blue one.

Oh well, Crossout crates will always be Crossout crates

I’ve only gotten badges from them. Feals like a rip off job.

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To my disbelief, I actually got 10 Uranium from one of the crates. But the other loot is kinda wrthless, like 30 engi badges and such…

I got 10 uranium from one. Mostly badges from the others.

Any of the crates in this game are a ripoff, at least the resource ones, I’ve only gotten 30 badges, least hand out 300 badges

i only got plastic, batteries and badges. not really much to say about it, its entirely luck based.

Slanted luck base maybe, as it’s design to give out the lowest reward most of the time

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