Miller impulse needs nerf (Explosive shot))

The miller is outperforming the reaper. Why am I playing at 6k ps and some guy with two millers is able to flip my build. The auto cannons like the whirl and the whirlwind don’t have impulse this high. Pls what is the justification for this excessive impulse on a minimum?


It never seemed excessive to me. Then again I don’t really play much lower than 9k. At 6k miller’s and reapers should def be pushing those mostly little builds around some.

i can agree with this.

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I recently tried playing some triple Miller builds, and when you get up to three of them the impulse is really extreme. Having said that, the recoil is also extreme, and makes it very hard to control your vehicle.
I feel like it’s an ok trade off, although I wouldn’t be opposed to less impulse if there’s also less recoil. But it might kill what’s interesting about the gun.

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I’m referring to the EXPLOSIVE SHOT OF THE PERK, not the overall bullet recoil and impulse. That’s why I made the comparison to the auto cannons.

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I guess I’ll have to give those another try. I didn’t think that much of them, and have mostly ignored them. About the only thing I liked about them was the impulse.

i use them at 8k and disagree i never flipped someone with 2x millers lmao

8k builds are much heavier than a low 6k build. I’m in a growl.

Millers need to be nerfed and will be nerfed i have no doubt about that, and yes recoil is a problem but not the main problem of that overpowered weapon


I believe the Miller is fine as it is. What is the most interesting thing to me is its hitbox. It is quite noticably smaller than it’s visual model.

That explains why they seem so much more durable than they are.

This thread makes me want to try a lower PS build with Millers and see how much I can toss players around. It’s fun to do with bots, but they are tiny. I used to be able to keep a lunatic raider in the air with triple Whirls, juggling it with bullets!


This is so true,it feels like devs make this purposely with every battle pass,add weapon(or multiple) so over powered,that everyone feels forced to buy the bp.What’s even more ridiculous,big brother Reaper was nerfed long time ago to the level where hardly anyone uses it anymore,if we take games machineguns in general,Miller belongs rather to legendary than epic.

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stop to ask for nerf, learn to play ! learn to play is learn to build a veicle optimized for your weapon. means learn to put weapon in correct position, means learn to use weapon in correct way.
you have “show center mass” function for one reason and not only for put tre colored arrow on the screen.
miller is powerfull weapon and must have a handicap for balance it. powerfull but hard to use.
stop to cry and growup , become better player with a lot of training and study.

this isn’t valid only for miller.

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i seen someone use the miller in pve in a raid on lunatics, i thought it was funny and entertaining seeing the cabins flying around after taking a impact hit from the millers ability. some did loopy loops in the air. i wish we had more wonky physics like that in raids. would make things more entertaining.

to add i also seen one of my porcs hit the lunatic / firestarter boss in a raid so hard it flipped the car. yes a tiny little porc barrel flipping a 40 ton, armed to the teeth vehicle like it was made of toilet paper. funny to say the least.

The advantage that reapers still have over millers is in close range. As great as that explosive shot is, it will also strip your own guns if you are too close to your target. I’ve even been hurt by allies driving in front of me just as I shoot.

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Yeah I don’t like the Miller explosive shot for that very reason. I like the guns ok, but I wouldn’t be sad if they took away the explosive shot.