Miller not a fair weapon

Hello everyone!

One situation among many others:

Funny for some, annoying for others

Even after “adjustements” for balance this weapon, still quietly OP

  • Low energy (5, so can put easely coolers or omamori…)
  • Too much impulse from explosive shot, AND for regular bullets (when chased by miller’s vehicle, We lose control of vehice when drifting)
  • Perfect/small size (can fit 2 miller on averter/omamori module, and when I see blockchain, i’m disgusted how it’s unfair) (and 427 durability!)
  • Uniform spread, not any spread growth like machine guns
  • Miller is far better that their own legendary version: Reaper

Where/what are weaknesses of miller? exemple:

  • Machines guns have low HP
  • Shotguns have low range
  • […]

Too many miller players between 7k-10k PS, not because this weapon do big damage, but because this weapons is just too good in ALL areas

i heard the hit box is to small,so it’s hard to shoot off…also durability is way to high… :upside_down_face:

You were midair when the explosive shot hit the top of your vehicle. Combined with the higher center of mass from the bigfoots, no wonder it caused you to flip. I have had no issue dealing with millers, they have plenty of counters. Specters can easily handle them on a hover, maces on a good car can do enough dps to strip them, the issue rn is not millers it’s the Catalina cabin. 65% damage boost is too much. Turns 2 millers into over 3 worth of dps.

Miller’s big disadvantage is close range. You can strip your own guns from the self damage of the explosive shells.
Also, it turns brutally slow unless you’re running it with Oppressor and buggy wheels, so any fast enemy is very hard to hit consistently.
Also, the recoil is so extreme that it makes driving while shooting very tricky. Make a small turn while firing and the recoil will throw you into an uncontrolled skid.

Having said that, I enjoy playing the gun, but there are stronger epic DPS weapons that aren’t as tricky to use.

They’re just really popular right now because lots of us got them in the BP.

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Millers are borderline OP, and Targem giving everybody fuzed BP items does not help one bit. I think targem should change the fusions on these parts so their perks don’t add to already powerful strengths on parts.
Omamori is also overpowered. 50% resist on two millers is the main problem. At 7-9k the omamori millers are easily one of the most overpowered builds on the map.
Their perk rounds are op. But not so much, you have a 650 cab HP aggressor with 4 wheels and 2 nests. Wtf do you expect? Also you have two elbows for a spoiler. Any impulse that hits those elbows has so much leverage on your build because of those elbows being that far away from your center of mass.

I think the last nerf it got did away with a lot of the OP nature that millers had on release. It’s still powerful but now you can’t just do denial cover fire like it could before. I use to have no issue what so ever holding up Jays bonus on top of everything else before that nerf. Now my targeting has to be a lot more cherry picked and spaced.

The self damage is really dependent on build you can still get away with a lot without destroying the majority of your own build but you have to leave them a lot exposed to start with. Most of the popularity right now I think is because they are in dailies. For the price of the BP you got a upgrade daily weapon that for the most part isn’t a pain to use or set up equipment wise.

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That’s the main reason I’m using mine each week: to do machine gun daily challenges.