Miller: what are your impressions?

The only negative thing I said was the sound needs fixing…

The slow pivot was annoying me, so I tried pairing it with an oppressor and some buggy wheels, and I’m having way more fun now. Harpy seems to help the explosive shot more than I anticipated, and I can fit both on an averter.
I’ve tried a few codrivers, but currently favouring Jay, thanks to a tip earlier in this thread. It appears that only the explosive shot charges the perk, and they occur at the perfect rate to activate it.
Probably going to rework this so that I can shoot sideways better, but for now it’s working for me:


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Very nice looking build. I just slapped two on my usual PvE build, I will try to make a build with 3 if I get my hands on an Apollo.

I ended up putting a fused Chill, Taymir, and RN Seal in it. Quite fun in Patrol mode, often I can shoot almost uninterrupted through the enagement until all bots die. DPS should be higher than 3 Spectres, but somehow, I make less MVPs than with those, and there isn’t much of a PS difference, either.


I’m going to try pairing two with an aurora, or possibly trombones. Feels like a better way to get more DPS, and still have some energy for cooling. Also definitely going to get a Favourite.

I was trying to figure it out as I noticed it charging during sustained fire as well. It’s also not counting a lot of misses if you view it firing via a scope which makes me think maybe it’s a hitscan.

I quite like them, they are really good yet do not feel OP. Definitely one of the better weapons in the game. I was going to say that they’ve completely replaced Equalizers, but after some more thought I don’t feel that way, equalizer aurora builds still have a place in the wasteland even with millers being a thing.

Many people like to pair up the millers with an aurora, but I find that running just two millers works out just as fine. I also noticed that millers in general do much better in heavy brick builds rather than fast little builds, to which equalizers feel much more suited for, due to being able to better hit targets while moving around a lot. It can be done with the Millers but it’s much more harder to keep hitting a moving enemy repeatedly with Millers slower bullet travel speed and rate of fire than on the equalizer, while also being on the move yourself.

The explosive perk is pretty neat and sometimes ends up being a lucky shot that deals major damage to en enemy, but equally as much it feels like it does not really make a difference

8/10 very good so far the best weapon to come out of this season

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They seem cool, sadly I can’t use much dps weaponry with my playstyle, my friend is running 2 with a skinner on small tracks and flinging people, its doing well

I usually run my machine guns with Billie (remember, PvE, your weapons don’t get aimed at), it’s a 25% damage boost in about half the time I keep shooting. It works well. I also tried Falcon, but I can’t seem to take advantage of his skills. I’m somewhat skeptical about Jay, but I’ll give her a try, too.

My theory is that it’s not counting the normal shots at all (possibly a bug), and only counting the explosive projectiles. If the normal shots counted, they’d be occurring too quickly to trigger the perk.

That’s the oddity of it though they count them perfectly on the weapon perk though, every shot that hits charges every shot that misses removes one. The co-driver perk should only charge once every 3 second but every miss should wipe the total I would think that charge counter would sit at 1 charge most often and the first shot fired is counted. I was thinking it might be an artificial count that just isn’t reporting correctly. As so long as my crosshairs are over the enemy at the start and stop of firing it seems to only count it as one shot on the co-driver until 3 seconds passes. It could be something as simple as enough shots happen that it just bypasses the misses as only one binary field is used for hit or miss so it defaults to last shot fired too. If I stop firing right before the target explodes and there are still enough shots in the air to destroy the target it doesn’t de-charge the perk even if a few of the shots pass after the explosion.

So I actually tried Jay, and yes, only explosive shots count. When the perk works, it works really well, but the way I see it, most engagements happen within 80 meters, which is too close. I guess I’d still use her if I wanted to PvP with these weapons, but for PvE, Billie is def the best.

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You mean Miller is hitscan or just it’s one explosive shot?

Because I can tell you without a doubt I have to lead my Miller shots at longer distances to land my bullets. So the Miller definitely fires projectiles.

I mostly wanted to check if its hitscan or not so it can be ruled it out. Something else strange is going on with it.

Fair examples:
I can start firing with the crosshairs over a target get the point and then continue spraying wildly without loosing the bonus all the way to overheat. Tap firing can get you to 4 charges before the 1st explosive round. So it’s counting more then those.

I’m thinking it’s only counting the last shot on the second mark. Like if I do the fire wildly thing I mentioned above but don’t instantly go to another target fast enough it will clear the bonus. The slight hesitation is enough to clear the bonus. Shots are missed in both situations but it’s a matter of how many and for how long.

I definitely noticed the first shot triggering the perk earlier, so maybe a single pull of the trigger counts as a shot, and a single explosive shell counts as a shot?
It’s truly weird.

I bet you could do well running them on a fast car with a hot red, using the recoil to drive backwards at high speed (similar to some of your small tracks avalanche clips).
Or try oppressor and buggy wheels so you can drift strafe more efficiently.

It’s really bizarre has me wondering if the reaper or any other weapon works the same way with jay or not.

I’ve been using the oppressor with them for the turn speed it works fairly well. Though most of the playstyle has been either move/stop/shoot/repeat, reverse/shooting or chase…

My thoughts after playing unfused ones for a few games:

Neither broken OP, or weaksauce as some people claim. I feel their power level is consistent with their rarity and other competing weapons. It’s not overperforming Reapers, but between the 5 energy cost and the no ammo thing, it offers some more building opportunities. 2 Millers + 1 fused Seal for example seems like a perfectly playable setup that only costs 11 energy, freeing an additional energy point and saving you at least 2 purple ammo boxes compared to Reapers.

To continue the comparison with Reapers, they can’t tank a scorpion volley, which is obviously a massive drawback in CW. However, I’ve seen people mention “being able to fire continuously” as a pro for the Reaper. I must disagree here. At no point have I felt I was helpless or not doing my job with 2 unfused Millers, 1 fused Seal, and 1 unfused Shiver. The weapon cools down extremely fast as long as you invested 1 point in a rad or cooler, so you can just let go the trigger very briefly once in a while. Or desynch both guns so there’s always one firing. Decloaking sure won’t be a problem against dogs, and not having 2 explosive boxes might actually help once they inevitably reach you.

Now we’re get to the elephant in the room, and the reason why I don’t like them too much: the passive. Simply put, I’m pretty sure a solid 50% of their damage is coming from that passive, and that’s hurting the weapon in a couple ways, especially when compared to Reapers or Equalizers. First and most obviously, it gets increasingly harder to trigger the perk on far away target. Add to this miserable base damage, and from what I can tell, some nasty damage drop-off at range, and you get an airsoft minigun. A perkless Equalizer for nearly twice the energy. Pretty sure both Equas and Reapers obliterate Millers past 100m.

The second thing that comes with those nasty shells (is that thing shooting goddamn Judge shells from its 20-30mm barrels? :'D) is self-damage. Way more than I expected or wanted lol. This thing has way more self-damage than ACs, and probably isn’t too far from a Thresher or some high-explosive spammy crap like that! The AoE is big, the damage is big, and seeing huge -300 red numbers while struggling with a firedog isn’t the most pleasant feeling.

TL;DR balanced gun, but please transfer some power from the perk to the actual gun, or make it slightly less crappy at range another way. (Passively generating perk charges every second spent not firing would definitely help tremendously in peekaboo fights. Doesn’t have to go up to 15 charges either. Just a random example.)

I tried using Falcon with them yesterday, and I like how they work together. The explosives highlighting works very well with the explosive shell perk, since the explosion radius is big enough to pop generators and ammo through armour. My MVP rate skyrocketed when I switched to Falcon.

As an aside, this gun works well with a lot of different codrivers. This is nice, because it allows for a few different playstyles.

Omfg, you have triggered me. Try armoring a Punisher with a single block of armor at its base. Hell, use the parts that only go up a half block (engineers 6x1 bumper, shock absorber rotated so its half block side is pointing up, scorched [6x3x3] fire starters part)

Feel free to donate one to me I’ll take a look… :smiley: