Miller: what are your impressions?

After having crafted my two fused Millers and taking them for a few PvE matches, I’m not sure what to think. They seem to be okay-ish, but they are in a very odd spot with 5 energy consumption, I don’t think their DPS justifies it. I have the impression that their perk actually encourages firing in shorter bursts, as accuracy matters. In this regard, the battlepass/craftable fusion is suboptimal, since it gives reduced recoil instead of reduced spread. On the other hand, if it consumed only 4 energy, or if the perk did not penalize missed shots, it would be very OP.

What’s your input on this weapon?

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I honestly think even the non-upgraded ones out-perform reapers by a massive ammount…

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I’ve only tried the BP upgrade version they’re not horrible but not great either. I don’t mind the perk penalizing missed shots. I think I expected more DPS from them. I wasn’t very impressed in the few matches I tried pulling them into.

it’s op…don’t upgrade…wait for the nerf…

too late lol

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Mediocre. They need Aurora and an immobile enemy to fully reach their potential damage. They’re slightly better than Equalizers but that’s pretty much it.

I’m going to have to agree here. They are “good” but not OP. Also the fact that they must have something like an aurora to help the DPS makes them very limited.

I have fused Reapers and Millers, I’ll take the Reapers any day over the millers.

Everything I said above is based on trying to make the millers competitive at high PS 16k+ and they are not top tier competitive. But with a good Reaper, Bigram, bubble, team your going to give some dudes a run for their money.

Yeah, they come off as being more a 4 energy weapon not a 5 one, maybe a 3 energy but that might be to low

Was playing around more with them today.

Try it with Co-driver Jay and a Torero cab, 2 upgraded seals and 1 upgraded shiver. Jay’s counter is acting really odd with the weapon the missed shots that show via the weapons perk aren’t registering with the co-driver so Jay’s activated ability stays more stable then one would guess at.

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Seems well balanced to me.

They’re nothing special. It’s just a weaker reaper.

You can’t build armour around the guns as well as you can with a reaper. I’m talking specifically about wrapping fenders around them. So I don’t love that but it’s a moot point. Also I don’t think I like the explosion shot. Peticularily when players face hug me and possibly get themselves wedged on me. I’ve already lost a gun to the explosion damage that way.

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Short and simple :slight_smile: I like it.

I think that might be a model error. When looking at it closely there doesn’t seem to be anything actually contacting but stops the rotation regardless.

Its borderline. If they make it more in line with reaper though I won’t complain.

I like them so far, but I don’t know what I want to do with them. Thinking I should get a favourite cabin and experiment with that.
So far I’ve tried it on machinist, master, and harpy, on legs, augers/omniwheels, and wheels. Might try an omnibox tracks build next.

Made a small speedster buggy for them 9k haven’t taken it out yet though.

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First thing I noticed when taking this into combat the sounds of the guns really sucks it’s way too soft. I can’t hear them over everything else. It had me checking the counters often just to see if I was firing or not. The spin up sound is also really too quiet I cant tell when I’m doing partial spin ups via the noise.

Beyond that sticking with Jay for it same rad/shiver set up as I suggested before worked out pretty good.

well… tbh i prefer the miller over the reaper. main reason is ammo. reapers need ammo crates which are explosive, millers dont and the millers can fire an explosive shot. its not bad in raids tbh. it works really well against enemies with explosive crates on them as the explosive shot penetrates and does alot of damage. ive exploded a ton of ammo boxes with it on bots.

hey trombones work with them as well. they cost 2 energy, heat parts and you can have 2 of them on your vehicle if you want to run a cooler and radiator. or just 1 with 2 coolers and 2 radiators.

are you drunk while your aiming your gun? xD
or is your driver drunk? lol.

Even before I actually got them, I figured that they are mainly PvE weapons. They are actually less durable and even harder to hide than the Whirl autocannons, and you usually put only 2 of them on your car, that can’t be good in PvP…
I plan to make a raid build with 3 Millers, a Torero cab, and a Shiver. Maybe I will swap the Torero to a Favorite, but it will be a long grind, since I have neither of those atm and they are expensive AF. I think 3 Millers should have very respectable DPS, although the PvE scaling might screw me over if I go too high with the build’s PS.

They work fine - one nice side effect of explosive shot is, you can aim “under the car” to pop fuel barrels if any - works unexpectedly well. They perform just fine on a growl+seal. Not OP, not underpowered - unexpectedly well balanced.
Why are people complaining its not OP enough?

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