Mine flails?

We have mines…

And we have mine flails…

Could they be used to remove mines without detonating them/using an Argus module? They just disarm them.

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A mine clearer module would be very cool to add. Not like infiltrator, but rather a physical thing like conventional ones.

Behold, the greatest candidate:

They’re literally mine flails.

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While there are some structure parts that look like they could perform that function, I think adding it as a specific module/weapon would be nice.
They gave us Flock, so something like this would make sense.

they have the spark and flash, arent those enough alongside the argus or whatever its called? plus the radars can detect mines to and you can shoot them manually as well.

I feel like mine flails should preform their intended function. but something similar to the crab’s would be cool.

Like these

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It’s not so much that I’m having trouble clearing mines, more that it would be a cool item to have in the game. Just like we didn’t need Flock to dodge homing missiles, but the addition of it was a nice bit of world building and semi-realism.
An old school mine sweeper thing would look cool, and you could make it a no-energy “weapon” like Flock.

I feel like heavy chains spinning hundreds of times per minute would deal some sort of melee damage.

It’s been suggested a few times before.

yup and never going to happen.there’s no point for it,like others said-just shoot them or run over them or spark them,no need for this wep that will never be used…'unless its 0 energy…then yup. :kissing_heart: (only damage is to mines and them pesky turrets lol)

People said the same about Flock, and we got it eventually.
Miracles can happen!

no, Miracles can’t happen…ur still here :rofl: :kissing_heart:
jk luv u poon :crazy_face: or do i ? :thinking: :shushing_face:

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