Minor changes for parts and announcement of the upcoming update’s livestream


The update week has begun, which means that very soon we will be able to take part in the new season. Today we would like to share with you the information about the changes in planned balance tweaks, which were made based on the results of testing, as well as a small change in the perk of the new cabin “Huginn”.

Cabin “Huginn”

Everyone who has read the third part of our blog knows that the perk of the new cabin will boost the cooldown time of overheated weapons. Initially, we planned to balance this boost by temporarily reducing the cabin’s speed and power. But, according to the results of internal tests, we came to the conclusion that this is not necessary at the moment.

As a result, the cabin’s perk will generate up to 3 charges (1 for each overheated weapon mounted on the car), which will speed up the weapon cooldown, without any negative effects for the cabin’s owner.

Changes in balance tweaks

Miniguns “MG13 Equalizer” and “MG14 Arbiter”

Mass testing and our internal tests have shown that the changes in optimal and maximum range for the “Equalizer” and “Arbiter” are insufficient. Therefore, we will also slightly reduce the damage they deal:

  • Equalizer: -5% damage.
  • Arbiter: - 8% damage.


The effect of the vehicle’s mass and the amount of hovers on the vehicle’s acceleration has been increased.

AM-5 Avalanche

Projectile explosion now deals 100% more damage to the player’s armoured car.

Tomorrow, at 14:00 GMT, we invite you to visit our official livestream, which will be dedicated to the upcoming update!


The hover nerf should cause absolute chaos… lots of folks will be relieved, and the hover junkies will be furious. I’ll be over here doing my regular adapt & have fun from the sidelines. :popcorn:


I just realized the miniguns are getting a big Nerf as well. They are really the only legendaries I use. Kind of bummed about that. I don’t really use them in pvp, but they are fantastic and raids, especially for stripping those energy weapons. Guess I will have to go back to machine guns if this is as bad as it sounds.

To be fair, they have been rather overpowered. The ease at which you can tear someone apart with them when paired with an aurora is kind of crazy.

I look at it like this, though. If they weren’t nerfing and buffing things, I would rarely get the motivation to try out other weapons. Meanwhile my minigun’s will be sitting in Cold Storage until they get buffed again I guess. LOL

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