* Minor update, 29.03.2023 😉

Minor update, 29.03.2023

  • Fixed a bug where a player’s drone could appear below ground in the “Dronapocalypse” brawl.
  • Fixed a bug where player drones could appear in the same place on the “Oasis” map.
  • Now AI-controlled vehicles try to go around the destroyed tower.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the author’s nickname to be missing when viewing a range at the exhibition.
  • Fixed a number of errors in the market interface.
  • Improved game client stability.

You just missed being first by a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

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i saw that,we should get a reward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah both should get 7-day premium Targem/Gaijin we’re doing work for free :rofl:


lets leave them both up and confuse people :rofl:


The only one I kinda experienced was the one with AI not knowing what to do with the downed tower… but it wasn’t a drone, it was the enemy bots. That gave me an easy victory since my whole team was dead, I was mostly dead & only had a flaming retcher left. I launched a few vollies of grenades across the debris & finished 'em off.

Guess I’ll need better strategery next go round.

I got a second update this morning when I launched (one right after midnight last night, along with the announcement, too). No announcement on this last one, I guess. I wonder what was in it. It wasn’t a fix to fullscreen. That’s still an issue where I have to re-launch the game at least twice to get it to actually fill the screen. Otherwise I get only 75% of the splash-screen, and it doesn’t include the area with the settings tab.

I’m looking forward to when this game isn’t quite as messed up. I hope we get that update soon.

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is it set to fullsrceen/window or just window?..

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Fullscreen/window. It’s had that issue for a while (with fullscreen/window), but since that they removed the fullscreen option I’m stuck with it. I had to re-launch the game 4 times to get it to work this morning.

I think it fixed the glitch with ML200s where some weapons could shoot through them.
That bummed me out when I logged in & my under-slung parsers couldn’t fire anymore.
That was kinda’ fun.

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See. They do read the forums. Maybe, you shouldn’t have mentioned it. :upside_down_face:

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I had only experienced the tower falling in a match once and once while on that map in custom game mode/match, when it happened in the match I was right next to it and said there she goes and everyone was like ???

I think it’s triggered by someone driving between our and the round thing in the center of the map.

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also hidden pve rework. you cannot damage the turrets in " defense" by shoting in the sandbag anymore, you gotta aim straight at turret. minor change yeah…
bots hit definitly harder than ever too

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and now landmine pve appears when you are pretty close to them. tricky bastard move imo.