Mirror Parts in Build Mode

I’ve already sent over a suggestion doc to the devs for this. I just want to make a discussion on it too.
It’s simple; a QoL change that just gives players the feature to mirror the non-symmetrical parts in build mode. This would help tremendously with cleaning up the parts inventory and streamlining the building process by eliminating duplicate parts.
Rather than having separate parts for left and right sides (eg. a lot of fenders, avia air intakes, shoulders, flails, turret vaults, etc.), just consolidate them into one part, double the amount, and make them mirrorable.

Here’s a list of annoyances this could eliminate:

-The devs’ inability to make up their minds on a naming standard. Some parts are “left/right [part name]” while others are “[part name] left/right.” So depending on how your inventory is sorted, this can make finding parts annoying.

-The fact that some parts look COMPLETELY different from left to right sides. Nomad parts are the worst offender of this.

-Most of all, it’ll streamline building by eliminating steps when working with left/right parts:

Before mirroring: grab left fender > place left fender on build > go back to inventory > search or right fender > grab right fender > place right fender on build

After mirroring: grab fender > place fender on build > copy fender > mirror fender > place on build

Aside from a possible really, really dumb limitation within the game engine, I’m honestly pretty stumped as to why this hasn’t already been implemented (But at least we got our flamethrower and sniper shotguns, right? Sheesh…)

Edit: Of course Not all parts need to be mirrorable, only the non-symmetrical ones. The mirrorable parts could be indicated by an icon in the corner of the image. I’ve mocked something up here:


Actually, If they made the feature might as well mirror any part. One of those things one would wonder “why isn’t this done already”


If it’s going to be done they might as well do it regardless of part symmetry. Such as the Avia fenders could easy be relabeled front and rear fenders…

For whatever command they use for flip they really need to add a key bind to it though.

This is great and many people i know have suggested it to the devs. Build one side and the computer build the other as you go. It could just be a simple button to press so you can turn it on and off as desired.