Missed garage potential (current game version)

Player-decorated and devs-furnished garages could offer actual fun, rather than non-rewarding gauntlets and some semblance of “home”.

What about real garage fights?

What about garage raids?

What about clan garages, fit for 20 players?

We could have some type of resource generator/extractor in our garages. Those would act like small bonuses for player but bringing up to 10-20 resource per hour and having the same limit (so players would have to join every hour in order to maximize the resource gain). That wouldn’t affect the overall farming since the bonus is limited but it could help with having “that small amount” you could need from time to time.

We could have garage battles PvP and PvE: one player defends their garage and others (whether player or bots) try to breach the defence and destroy the core/capture the base. With adequate rewards and restrictions, that is. We already have garage items nesessary: turrets, mines, explosives, walls, and otherstuff.

We could have garage events, something like: visit a garage, enjoy any event that garage offers, and win a garage reward for your own cozy shelter.

Now for the bitter part:

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… where’s money in this? How to make players spend more dough on that? Nah, too risky. Could actually be non-rewarding. Silly Western game companies, only having gazillions of dollars each year despite many scandals. We, the great snails, know better than to create such fad!

Enjoy your bubblepasses…


I’ve always assumed that the end goal for garages is something like you describe, but that they haven’t been able to develop that part yet due to limited resources and bigger issues taking priority.


The end goal for the garage has already been meet.

The dev team announced a long time ago that they will add new items for the garage to the game, but they do not plan to add any more functionality.

I must have missed that: was that in a live stream?
It’s odd, as they obviously had to put a bunch of work into a feature that has so much more potential.

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It was a looooooong time ago.

I’m pretty sure it was even before this forum opened.

I wish I can remember the exact time so I could give you a reference.

It might have even been in an old forum post, you know… when the dev team would talk to us. I know there was a time when people where posting a bunch of suggestions about the garage.

I feel the same way about Adventure Mode.


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I guess everyone needs a hobby, but trolling Crossout fans doesn’t seem like a particularly rewarding way to spend your free time.
But hey, you do you.


I think we are all hoping you would go do that, and continue there vigorously, the sooner the better.

You know, you’re really just trolling yourself by coming here and portraying yourself the way you do, right? No? Hadn’t realized that, eh? There’s very little anybody could say that would make you look more defeated and pathetic than your own behavior. It’s like flaunting a tiny penis.



Oh gawd, you have a way with words.

It is amusing how some folks are addicted to this forum & game claiming they hate both.
There was another noble member who left repeatedly with great fanfair only to return a couple of days ago to ask a question in a forum he hates about the game he hates. :clown_face: :poop:

As for the garage idea… we’ve also had suggestions of a “storm the castle” type game mode, and these two ideas could be blended.

Since we can’t even get them to make the UI look like anything other than a malfunctioning computer from 1989, I doubt it’ll ever happen.


Could be. This is why it’s “missed potential”. I wonder if some of real game companies would want to make that kind of a game.

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So do you Roo, so do you :rofl:

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