Missiles need a buff

Missiles in general need a buff, the only viable options ar the cricket and sort of Helicon (Counting Heather as a Mandrake-kind of weapon rather than missiles) and only because they’re veeb showered in buffs. Even then cricket most of the times still recquire steppe spider to be viable.

Flute, TOW, Waltz, Pyralid, Wasp, Locust, Snowfall, Hurricane, Pyre and Nest would all need to see varying amounts of the same love Crickets finally got after they were nerfed to the ground. In the current state of the game, after the armor changes and frame/bumper damage resistance etc changes, explosions in general are very weak, even when boosted by a Harpy cabin.

Not to mention the removal of hit damage that was done to most missiles during these same changes, for whatever reason. They already all suffer from mostly very poor hp, and they don’t hit anywhere near hard enough to justify it in most cases.

Simple put they don’t pack the kind of a punch they should, having to have the specific cabins that boost these weapons + the codriver mostly for them is the bare minimum of trying to make these weapons work, and even then they mostly do not work.

And there is all kinds of artificial suckiness added to these guns, for examples the physical model/hitbox changes to Locust makes them aim bad in the only kind of a build where they were somewhat successful, the basic hover setup, instead of all three guns aiming mostly into the same direction one of them always points way up or way down. Flutes suffer from poor speed and bad steering due to supercharged update changing the camera angles and making builds in general a lot more mobile. Waltz has the bad firing mechanics of holding the firing button down and praying to dear life you don’t get bumped by terrain/enemy players/friendly players/accidentally look down and break the firing cycle even though it generally should not. This problem persists on all builds be it legs, hovers, tracks or wheels, too many times with waltz the gun simply does not fire when you need it to fire, or does not fire all three rockets just because. All homing rockets have been nerfed to oblivion with no way to be buffed because the Heli mode was added to the game.


And if the artificial suck is there for “balancing” I wish they’d find other ways to balance the weapon

Like for example the Waltz, if giving it the ability to just shoot when you press the button, like Helicons, would make it OP then they could balance it out in a smarter manner, like reloading taking longer than before to not give it too high of a dps

missiles in general are just to weak. you have ones like crickets, snowfalls, waltz and helicons that arent counterable by things like sparks and mgs. but ones that are counterable are just… terrible… hurricanes reload stupidly slow do be of any kind of use, cost to much energy for what they are worth and are just to easily countered.
the flutes and pyres cost 2 energy, hurricanes cost 6. hurricanes fire a volley of 4 rockets while pyres and flutes fire one but pyres and flutes are faster to reload.
the dusk cabin is LAUGHABLY BAD and needs a rework on its ability. its just not good and considering how weak rockets are… its just not usable.
pyres have 52 durability
flutes have 54 durability
hurricanes have 175 durability

you sneeze near these things and they will fall off!
helis have made it worse as they can dodge and make your missiles miss.
tow has it bad to, the flight time is… awful… the amount of energy it costs needs to be reduced drastically and it just needs a buff overall.

pyralid, wasp and locust i thought hit really hard for only being 4 energy. were they nerfed? because i remembered they could do stupid amounts of damage but were incredibly frail.

snowfalls i agree need a buff to projectile speed or the trajectory. they fall off very hard. even though they hit like a truck they just arent to usable in most situations.

They can have a duel stat for it kinda thing like the dove when a land vehicle mode the rocket launchers can change to something else or higher damage and when heli’s use them a different effect or damge or speed or something maybe. IDK just a thought.

They really should just give them back some impact damage with no penetration ability it’s something that they all lost during the ballistics change over.

Waltz needs to be just a little taller model wise (less then a full pin), It would help with the clipping issue.

I don’t really worry much about the homing missiles though the hurricanes probably could reload a little faster. They are AI weapons though so I don’t really think they should be on the same par level as every other manually aimed weapon. I don’t count flutes in with these. Flutes shouldn’t show their lasers to everyone it’s too much of a tell. Make it an epic scope property to see it. (It’s one of those missiles I’ve always avoided and only messed with in exhibition.) Removing all the elements of a surprise attack can’t be good for them though.

I haven’t found many issues with the dumb rockets. I do think they should redo the models though and make it so the firing tubes are on the top. This would solve for the mirror issue for mounting them sideways. Crickets the only one that doesn’t have this issue as it’s already symmetrical.

Snowfalls need projectile speed for a midrange rocket they have too much drop. I think some of this might be do to how they originally tested them on the icebox mounted vertically.

Tow as I said before really needs 3d flight and it would be nice to be able to mount it vertically so it can be well protected in a build. At 5 en it’s just kind of sad.

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Easymode weapons do not need a buff. Lack of skill should not be rewarded.
You shouldn’t be able to just pull a trigger once then run away, while doing a thousand plus damage while running.

Yet everyone is running fortunes after they got buffed

This comes from the developers removing bullet damage from rockets in the warhead update :wink: