Missing parts?

I had recently crafted a Maxwell and I sold it on the market. I did not get any money from selling it or did it show that I sold it, it did not come back to my storage. It is also not being used. It says that I have acquired it in my collection, but it seemed to have been Thanos-snapped from existence. Can anyone explain what happened to it?

Welcome warrior… The only thing I can think of is check your market history to see when the sale went through. If you DO NOT have that part on a build, you are right, should be in inventory. Just for fun check your builds again to make sure that you have not forgotton you might have put it on a build.

As they say about other things here, you might consider contacting “Gaijen” as they say. Fill out an error report and send it in.

Things are hectic right now with that part of the game, but rule out all options just in case.

I’m sorry to hear about your issue with the sale of your Maxwell. It seems like there might have been a technical glitch or error in the process. I would recommend reaching out to the customer support team of the platform or marketplace where you sold it. They should be able to investigate the issue and provide you with a resolution. Be sure to provide them with all the relevant details, such as the date and time of the sale, any transaction ID or reference number, and any screenshots or evidence you may have. They will be in the best position to assist you and help resolve the situation. EZDriveMA