Missing Parts

For some reason I only have one “Armored Hatch”. I should have at least 3. One from each purchase and Level Unlock. Tango-1 has one, Arachnida has one, Tango-1 (Deluxe Edition) has one, and last but not least is Steppenwolfs Level 7 (Unlocked) has one. So that is 4 in total that I should have in storage. But I only have one. There maybe other parts that I am missing because of this glitch. For every part that is bought or unlocked it should add one (or more) to the list of parts in storage. I was hoping to have more than one “Armored Hatch” in my parts inventory so that I can have two “Armored Hatches” for a Millennium Falcon that I was going to build. Maybe it was going to be a car, aircraft, or leviathan. Depends on the number of parts I need to build it. Please fix this parts missing glitch. Thanks.

Sorry to tell you this but the unlocks don’t work like that. There’s a total max of 2x armor hatches in the game one unlocks at lvl 7 and the other at lvl 14. You can never exceed that total limit. The parts unlocked via pack purchases unlock from the lowest level going up. If a pack has only one and you buy it 2 or 3 times you still only unlocked it once. If you bought a pack that had 2 in the pack then the second one would unlock.

OOhhh, i would unlock all the plows in the world if i could


That is not fair. I want and need as many parts as posible, even beyond their limitations for all kinds of creations. Their are trashed vehicles that are in the test zones that I want to recreate. some can’t even be created because there are no cabins that look like them and yet they are in the test fields. I would like all the parts and cabins in the test fields of the garages. the big and the small. I don’t care if I can’t put them in battle. I’m here to create different vehicles. That is why I downloaded this game. Really don’t like the battles, some act more selfishly in battle then trying to make it a group effort. I mainly try to play PvE parts of the game. Wish the Adventure was repeatable, like starting from the beginning again. So I really can’t make a spider with one-type of 8 legs. I would have to have a spider with different types of legs. That is just wrong. I see so many people that would like to make a mecha or animal shaped machine, like the ones in Voltron. But I guess that will never happen unless the Devs change some things. Some events, missions, raids, whatever should be just only aircraft or just cars or just mecha, not have combo environments. And one mission should just award all building materials, instead of jumping around to each one for only one type of building material. Scrap, copper, wires, and batteries should be in one mission, not in several groups. More explorable less select battle. More maps for the adventure, including all combat zones, instead of one map. Some combat maps could make good race tracks. The buildable area and the test area should be bigger. I like the Nomad garage because of more lighting of the open garage. But no buildable area. The whole Garage zone bigger for more creativity in the buildable test area.

I know the feeling I got tripped up on the same thing with one of the first cheap packs I bought trying to get an extra gun mount. I even went as far to put a service ticket in just to have them explain it to me too. lol…

I think there was a way to reset it once it’s been finished. That’s how people use to speed run it if I remember correctly.

Movement and structure parts aren’t the same. Movement, weapons, modules, all have an unlimited count on them. You can pick up as many of the second set of parts as you want. Though there are limitations of what a cab and engine pair can power.

I would have liked it to have been unlimited for structure parts as well though there are some bits of structure parts that might have caused issues. I.e. bumpers, passive melee… They use to on the market even have a spot laid out for sale of structure parts but it never functioned and was removed over the years.

People still manage to do it though they aren’t as functional as most of the fans of that style would like. I really wouldn’t really mind seeing giant robots to some degree though. I do worry about bi-pedal robots though being at a disadvantage though if they were introduced. With them a single leg loss is pretty devastating compared to multi-movement part builds.

There’s a lot in that response I could run with commenting on but mostly wanted to get the questions out of the way first.