Mission the path of the survivor

Anyone know how complete this mission “el camino del superviviente or
the path of the survivor” help pls :frowning:

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It has something to do with the weapons. Maybe you have to craft a certain rarity or fuse the weapon, I dunno.

I tried everything you said and nothing happened

Unfortunately, that’s all I can think of. But since “armas” has something to do with weapons, I assume you have to experiment further. “Change the control of weaponry”? I’ve no idea what that means.

Frankly, you can live without that teal crate. At best it could give you 20 electronics. Maybe it’ll complete on its own as you play.


I think what it means is change the controls of your weapons on your build. In other words Change the left mouse button to another weapon… Try that


Oh, right, this. Dammit I’ve plumb forgot. Yeah, probably changing weapon controls in building mode!

Oh now it worked for me, thanks for the help hehe

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